5/15/2015 (updated 9/15/2015) – OKC, OK — This page is being created as the ‘home’ page for articles and updates regarding an Oklahoma City woman accused of operating multiple houses of prostitution (brothels) in and around the metro. Please bookmark this page and return here for links to current information.

Overview: Penny Ann Melton (Rutter, Bates), 47, is allegedly the ‘Claire’ behind Claire’s Red Door – a purported legitimate massage parlor that was recently busted for offering sexual services in exchange for cash during a police sting back in February of 2015.

Just this week (5/12/2015), Melton was arrested again after a April 15 sting at a separate suspected brothel revealed evidence that Melton was the madam/pimp/proprietor behind that business too.

The Accused Madam:

  • Name: Penny Ann Melton (also uses the last names Rutter and Bates).
  • Aliases: ‘Claire’ of Claire’s Red Door and Pamela.
  • DOB: 12/15/1967
  • White female, 5’5″, 140lbs, often with red or auburn hair.
  • Current Home Address: 4229 NW 147th St., OKC, OK 73134 (Remington Addition).

Previous Employment:

  • Cutting board kiosk at Quail Springs Mall.
  • Formerly licensed in the state of Oklahoma as a nurse.
  • Most recently is reported to have been the owner of the Sno Boba Tea Cafe in Moore, Oklahoma. The business closed in August of 2015.

Current Criminal Charges and Their Disposition(s):

  1. CM-2015-1653
    5/5/2015 Charged in Oklahoma County with maintaining a house of prostitution.
    5/12/2015 Arraigned and pleaded ‘not guilty.’ Released on a $5,000 bond.
    6/11/2015 Next scheduled court appearance for ‘disposition.’
  2. CM-2015-1651
    5/4/2015 Charged in Oklahoma County with maintaining a house of prostitution.
    5/6/2015 Arrest warrant issued.
    5/12/2015 Arraigned and pleaded ‘not guilty.’ Released on a $5,000 bond.
    6/11/2015 Next scheduled court appearance for ‘disposition.’

Editorial Comments Regarding Melton’s Criminal Charges:

  • Once again the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office is showing how hypocritical they are in how they interpret/apply the law. Despite investigators showing that Melton is running an organized criminal enterprise and utilizing computers to promote her criminal activities, she is currently only charged with two misdemeanors that will most assuredly end with a deferred sentence (which means no official conviction, no future criminal record) and a small fine. For whatever reason, Melton has not been charged with felony computer crimes, aiding and abetting prostitution nor racketeering. Yet, the DA’s office has no problem charging individuals who are consensually prostituting themselves in an unorganized fashion with serious felonies. Had Melton been selling marijuana instead of other people’s daughters, she would most assuredly be facing a felony record and prison time.
  • There is still time to have Melton charged more appropriately with the crimes of aiding and abetting prostitution, felony computer crimes and even possibly racketeering. Those charges can be added at any point until the charges are resolved. Please call the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office (405-713-1600) and ask to speak to whomever is handling cases CM-15-1653 and CM-15-1651. You can even ask to speak to DA David Prater himself. Let the DA’s office know you take a stand against organized prostitution and that probation and small fines are not an appropriate punishment in this case.

Alleged Brothel Locations:

  1. 17334 N. May Ave. Suite B., Edmond, OK 73012
    This location is a new upscale office park located across the street from the exclusive gated community Rose Creek. This is the purported location of the infamous Claire’s Red Door. The literal red door was the only identifier for the business as there was no signage of any kind posted on the exterior and the business door was reportedly kept locked most of the time. The alleged brothel was promoted by word-of-mouth and frequent advertisements on, Twitter and forums dedicated to the promotion of prostitution. It has been reported to JohnTV that Melton’s current husband had signed the lease (unconfirmed). Employees of surrounding businesses said they were suspicious of the unmarked office suite because of the number of men who would come and go at all hours. Since the police raid of this location, the owners of the building have reportedly painted the previously red door, black. This location is reportedly no longer being utilized by Melton.
  2. 4900 N. Sewell Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118
    This location is business/industrial park area near NW 50th and I-235. As with the May Ave. location, this property had no visible signage posted indicating what type of business was being conducted inside. The building’s owner told law enforcement that he met with Melton (who identified herself as ‘Pamela’) and that she refused to sign the lease agreement – wanting her ‘office manager’ to sign it instead. Melton claimed the office would be used as a graphic design studio. Melton reportedly made the rent payments in cash. The owner of the building became suspicious of Melton after a maintenance person noted he saw massage tables in the business and nothing that looked like a graphic design studio. JohnTV went to this location on 5/14/2015 and knocked on the door. It did not appear the business is currently being used.
  3. A shared salon space in Edmond, OK 73013 (we have agreed to redact the exact address)
    JohnTV has a credible source that says around January of this year Melton leased rooms in this shared studio space and oversaw several females working under her direction. Our source says it became obvious to the legitimate professional massage therapists and stylists also occupying this space that Melton was offering more than legal massages. After several legitimate tenants raised their issues with the property owner, Melton and her girls vacated the premises.
17334 N. May Ave. Location of prostitution arrests.

17334 N. May Ave. Location of prostitution arrests.

Alleged brothel location at 4900 N. Sewell Ave.

Alleged brothel location at 4900 N. Sewell Ave.


  • 4229 NW 147th St., Oklahoma City in the Remington addition has been identified as Melton’s current home address in arrest information from her May 12 arrest.
  • At least three vehicles that frequent this address are registered under the Melton or Rutter names. Specifically, tag numbers; 782-EMK, 575-LKM, and 366-JKI.
  • Neighbors report, and JohnTV can confirm, that an unusual amount of traffic is seen on an almost daily basis at this address. With most of the traffic being in the evening hours and continuing into the early morning.
  • It is not known if any prostitution activities are being conducted at this address.
  • A large number of vehicle license plate numbers belonging to individuals who visit this residence has been collect by JohnTV.
  • If you are a neighbor and have collected tag information from this address, please forward that information to us via email or post it in the comment section below (your post will not be published in the comments but will be archived for JohnTV use).
  • This home is reportedly being leased by Melton and is valued at nearly $400,000. You can find more information on this house and how to contact the listed owner at the Oklahoma County Assessor’s website.
Penny Melton’s formerly leased address on NW 147th.

Penny Melton’s formerly leased address on NW 147th.

JohnTV Articles:

  1. 3/16/2015 – Melton was first identified in JohnTV’s ‘Weekly Arrest Wrap-Up (3/1/2015). 
  2. 3/28/2015 – ‘Former Quail Springs Mall merchant busted for operating a brothel across the street from upscale Rose Creek neighborhood.’ LINK
  3. 5/6/2015 – ‘Charges filed in case of upscale OKC brothel & additional names released; Claire’s Red Door.’ LINK
  4. 5/19/2015 – ‘JohnTV puts upscale OKC neighborhood on notice of madam living in their addition.’ LINK
  5. 7/14/2015 – Prostitute charged in Claire’s Red Door brothel case pleads guilty, receives probation. LINK
  6. 8/21/2015 – Accused OKC madam is having a ‘Moving Sale.’ LINK

Media Reports:

  1. 3/30/2015 – KFOR Ch4 – Police: Edmond brothel busted, charges pending against owner, employee. LINK
  2. 5/31/2015 – Edmond Sun – Claire’s Red Door slammed shut. LINK
  3. 5/14/2015 – KWTV Ch9 – Accused Brothel Owner Arrested On Prostitution Charges. LINK
  4. 5/15/2015 – KWTV Ch9 – Anti-Prostitution Activist Warns Neighborhood After Metro Woman’s Second Arrest. LINK


Below is an example of the ads Melton allegedly was posting in the promotion of her prostitution business.


Example of Melton’s alleged prostitution promotions on Twitter…