Accused OKC madam is having a ‘Moving Sale’


8/21/2015 – OKC, OK — An Oklahoma City woman accused of being a madam and operating at least two brothels in the metro is apparently downsizing and “everything must go.”

JohnTV has previously reported on the criminal charges against Penny Ann Melton and one of her prostitutes.

Melton is currently charged in two separate cases with maintaining a house of prostitution.

Back in May, JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates distributed fliers throughout Melton’s upscale NW OKC community, putting Melton’s neighbors on notice as to the activities of the accused pimp living near them.

Bates was notified by one of Melton’s neighbors, earlier this month, that the Melton’s were apparently relocating and selling many of their belongings. Melton is reported to live in her leased $400,000 home with her husband and one or more step-children.

Bates drove by the Melton’s residence and snapped the pictures below (click image for larger version)…

The Melton’s are moving and everything must go.

The Melton’s are moving and everything must go.

Yes, apparently if you’ve ever wanted to own a “bed set” that belonged to an accused madam, now is your chance!

We hear the Melton’s have actually already vacated the 5,000 sq. foot home.

Penny Melton’s husband reportedly quit his longtime supervisory position with the Oklahoma State Fair several weeks ago and is now moving out of state.

A source close to the Melton brothel and prostitution case tells JohnTV that Penny Melton’s husband’s name appeared on the lease agreement for the upscale brothel location across the street from the gated Rose Creek neighborhood on N. May Ave. That brothel was known as the infamous Claire’s Red Door and advertised repeatedly on sites like

Penny’s husband has not been criminally charged.

Penny Melton is next scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 17.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

UPDATE: 8/27/2015 – JohnTV has received word that Penny Melton and her husband are no longer living together.