JohnTV puts upscale OKC neighborhood on notice of madam living in their addition


5/19/2015 – OKC, OK — JohnTV distributes fliers in an upscale neighborhood; warning residents that an accused madam is renting a home in their addition.

JohnTV has reported several times on alleged madam/pimp Penny Ann Melton (Rutter, Bates) – also known as ‘Claire’ of Claire’s Red Door Massage or The Rose Creek Madam.

Readers will recall that in March JohnTV reportedon the details of Melton’s arrest after her massage parlor, Claire’s Red Door, was busted by Oklahoma City Police. Also arrested was one of Melton’s alleged prostitutes, Skyler Henderson, 22. Melton’s massage parlor was located across the street from million dollar homes in the exclusive gated community of Rose Creek.

Melton’s initial arrest was covered widely by local news media. Below is a report by Joleen Chaney with KWTV News9…

Melton, 47, apparently wasn’t about to let a simple prostitution arrest slow her down one bit.

According to police records, just a couple of weeks later, on April 15, police raided another brothel, in a different part of Oklahoma City, and again found evidence that Melton was the proprietor.


Earlier this month, Oklahoma County prosecutors filed two separate criminal cases (case 1, case 2) against Melton for operating houses of prostitution.

Despite evidence outlined in court paperwork that Melton engaged in pandering, aiding and abetting prostitution, felony computer crimes, money laundering and even racketeering, she is currently only facing two misdemeanor charges – which will most likely result in probation and a small fine for Melton.

In response, JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates decided to take matters into his own hands and make Melton’s neighbors aware of her presence, alleged criminal actions and the potential risk she poses.

Bates began going through court and public records, weeding through a laundry list of former homes once occupied by Melton, until he found the $400,000 house she was currently renting in the Remington addition in far NW Oklahoma City.

Bates then designed fliers (see actual flier below) that outlined Melton’s alleged criminal activities and spotlighted Melton’s home at 4229 NW 147th. Bates then distributed approx. 250 fliers to homes in the immediate area of Melton’s by taping them to each door.

The flier distribution was covered by Lisa Monahan with KWTV News9…

This was not the first time Bates had canvassed a neighborhood belonging to a known pimp.

In January of last year, Bates went into another upscale neighborhood (*Updated Link Needed) to make them aware of the presence of S. Robison Ave. pimp and human trafficker Gregory ‘Pig’ Crawford.

In May of 2012 Bates exposed the Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz prostitution and human trafficking ring’s home base (*Updated Link Needed) when he handed out hundreds of fliers in another upscale Edmond neighborhood.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

If you know of additional locations where Melton is maintaining a suspected brothel, please contact us!