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Since 1996, Brian Bates, Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante, has been spotlighting the graphic realities of street, forced and underage prostitution. All in an effort to expose the perpetrators, dispel the myths & raise public awareness. JohnTV achieves this goal by lifting the veil of anonymity that empowers the 'Johns' & the pimps by exposing them on this website. More about Bates and JohnTV here.

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Operation Cross Country Once Again Comes to Oklahoma and Once Again Appears to be a Publicity Stunt.
Once again the annual nationwide publicity stunt orchestrated by the FBI, called Operation Cross Country XI, made it's way to Oklahoma last weekend. And, once again, the FBI and the media proclaim success in combating human trafficking even though they targeted the very individuals that they consistently claim are the victims and intentionally ignoring the demand side of the equation by not arresting a single 'John.'  READ MORE HERE.

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Oklahoma City Man Found Guilty of Human Sex Trafficking and Sentenced to Decades Behind Bars.

Oklahoma City resident and convicted felon Milton Andre Shelton was found guilty of human sex trafficking by an Oklahoma County jury last week and sentenced to 30-years in prison.

Street Prostitution & Human Trafficking in Oklahoma City.

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Why does JohnTV exist? The video above is a perfect example of why JohnTV and it's creator, Brian Bates, have spent over 20-years highlighting the reality of street level prostitution and human sex trafficking.
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Dec. 19, 2017

  1. Micah Parker and Lawrence Charles Moore preliminary hearing for charges of pandering, prostitution, drug possession and more. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge McCormick. -- Click here to read latest article.

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Operation Cross Country is a yearly national effort by the FBI that claims to target the sexual exploitation of children for prostitution.

Locally, FBI agents team up with members of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit and agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs' Human Trafficking Unit.

Over a three day period in early October, 29 individuals in Oklahoma City were arrested. One of those arrested was an Oklahoma City police officer. No 'Johns' were targeted.

JohnTV will continue to follow each criminal case to its conclusion.

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