OKC Jimmy John's Employee Accused of Being A peeping Tom; Proving that the employees May Be even freakier than the owner

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7/27/2018 - OKC, OK -- As if you needed another reason not to patronize Jimmy John's; you know, the overhyped sub(par) sandwich chain with mediocre food and an owner who likes to kill and pose for social media pics while laughing next to slaughtered elephants, rhinos, leopards, etc....


Well, if a recently discovered Oklahoma search warrant is correct, a south Oklahoma City Jimmy John's employee is a serial pooper Peeping Tom.

According to court records (see below), back on April 23rd, police were called out to the On Cue gas station at 9000 S. Penn. Once they arrived police were told that a male employee of On Cue was doing his business, while seated on the toilet in the public restroom stall, when he noticed an iPhone in a black case being held over the stall photographing or video recording him.

Police were told this same incident had occurred previously to another employee on April 9.

DAMN! On Cue was literally the last public gas station restroom most people feel comfortable enough to actually use.

Fortunately, this case may have been cracked. Not only does On Cue have sparkling clean restrooms, but they also have a plethora of high quality security cameras. And, it just so happens that those cameras recorded the same person going into the men's restroom during the time of each alleged Peeping Tom incident.

Police reviewed the security footage and determined the person was a male wearing a Jimmy John's uniform shirt and hat. The suspect also was clearly seen getting into a light-colored Dodge Caliber with a Jimmy John's sign on top.

The investigating officer then drove to the nearest Jimmy John's location (I-240 and Western) where he spotted the suspect's vehicle in the parking lot and ran the vehicle's Absentee Shawnee Tribal Tag. The vehicle registration came back to a Taylor McBride and Christopher Wiggins. 

The officer then turned to Facebook and learned that McBride and Wiggins were in a romantic relationship and that, based on posted photos, McBride was the individual seen coming and going from the OnCue public restroom.

The officer, along with a detective, returned to the Jimmy John's location on May 3rd to speak with Taylor McBride.

While being questioned, investigators located an Apple iPhone in a black case in McBride's front left pocket.

During the interview, McBride denied being the serial pooper peeper they were looking for. However, when asked, McBride refused to unlock his phone or allow officers to search it.

While McBride was allowed to return to work, detectives took his iPhone 7 Plus as potential evidence.

This past Wednesday, detectives were granted a search warrant to unlock and forensically examine McBride's phone for potential incriminating evidence.

According to the "return and inventory" for the warrant, a "forensic download of the phone" was successful (so much for locked iPhone's being law enforcement proof).

The court paperwork made no mention as to whether or not there was any evidence supporting the allegations against McBride.

That said, McBride may have a perfectly good reason for this whole mess and it may just be a big ol misunderstanding... You see, just maybe, he wasn't taking photos of male On Cue employees taking a dump, he was just taking bathroom selfies of himself - as evident in the dozens of bathroom selfies posted to his very public Instagram account....

Taylor McBride as he appears publicly on Instagram ( @life.oftay )

Taylor McBride as he appears publicly on Instagram (@life.oftay)

Regardless, JohnTV will continue to follow this case and report any updates.

If you have information regarding this case of McBride's alleged involvement, send us a message.

Below are copies of the actual court records in this investigation...

Doc - Jul 26 2018 - 10-11 AM_Redacted_Page_1.jpg
Doc - Jul 26 2018 - 10-11 AM_Redacted_Page_2.jpg
Doc - Jul 26 2018 - 10-11 AM_Redacted_Page_3.jpg
Doc - Jul 26 2018 - 10-11 AM_Redacted_Page_6.jpg