Female OKC Elementary school teacher arrested for sexually assaulting another female teacher

5/16/2018 - OKC, OK -- Oklahoma teachers have been in the news a lot lately - and mostly for exercising their right to protest low wages and not enough funding for their students. That said, one Oklahoma City area teacher is probably getting ready to be highlighted in the news for an entirely different reason - No, not another teacher having sex with a student. This time it's allegedly a female teacher who sexually assaulted another female teacher during the school day and on school property. 

According to court records, on May 3, Kiera Monique Smith was working as a teacher at Martin Luther King Elementary school when the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Kiera Smith as she appears publicly on Facebook. 

According to the female victim, Smith walked up behind her, while she was standing in the front office talking with co-workers. The victim told detectives that she felt "a hand go underneath a jacket which is tied around her waist, go between her legs from behind then touching the area between her vagina and rectum."

The victim said she jumped and turned around to see who had touched her.

The victim told police she asked Smith why the hell she had just grabbed her woo-ha (our words, not her's). The victim said that smith replied, "I was gonna see what your response was going to be and it should have been this..." and at that moment Smith put her hands up as if she was going to hit or slap someone.

What the hell? Maybe next week Smith will walk into school with semi-automatic assault rifle and start pointing it at people "just to see what their response it."

Very soon after Smith's very awkward secret handshake with her fellow co-worker, she saw exactly what her co-worker's response was..... she called police.

As of this posting, Smith is sitting in the Oklahoma County Jail on a criminal complaint of sexual battery.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage from the event and confirmed the allied sexual assault most likely occurred as the victim stated.

The victim told detectives that since the assault she has sought counseling and fears coming into contact with Smith in the future.

While Smith has not been formally criminally charged, a "miscellaneous" filing has been entered against her.

According to Smith publicly available Facebook page, she studied criminal justice at the University of Central Oklahoma and Rose State College. Maybe Smith can consider this a hands on internship in the criminal justice system!

According to Smith's arrest warrant, she resides in Crown Ridge apartments of Thomas Drive in north Edmond.

According to online documents, Smith has a long history of defaulting on loans and not paying her rent.

There is even a 2008 Victim's Protective Order that was issued against a Kiera Smith that was in effect for three years.

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Kiera Smith as she appears publicly on Facebook.