EP: 626 'No... Fuck You Buddy!"


Date Filmed: Jan. 10, 2014
'John': Unidentified
Prostitute: Unidentified
Status: Video turned over to police for investigation and consideration for prosecution.


While watching a known black female street prostitute, she was picked up by a 'John' near SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. The video makes it appear they went straight to the tire dump near SW 14th and S. Robinson Ave. - in reality they first tried to stop in a parking lot near SE 17th and S. Walnut Ave. When that didn't work out, then the 'John' drove to the tire dump (the posted video was edited down). When confronted, the 'John' and I exchanged some pleasantries as he sped off. It's been known to take up to three years for criminal charges to be officially filed.

Also Mentioned in the Video:

I've yet to catch or speak to either one of these individuals. However, I've been told by those who have, that the taller individual in the yellow shirt is actually a man, dressed as a woman - and appears to be a regular drug user.

Unfortunately, pregnant young women selling themselves on S. Robinson Ave. is a very common site. Some prostitutes go into labor while turning tricks. Most have their newborns taken by the state upon birth.

Meth addiction can be every bit as demanding, demeaning and destructive as a physical pimp. Many of the women on S. Robinson sell themselves for the sole purpose of satisfying their addiction.

This clip is from my infamous 'Donald Pete' violent arrest video - recorded on  July 8, 2002. You can view that video by clicking here. On July 10, 2015, one of the officers in the video - Greg Driskell - was charged with felony domestic abuse and pointing a weapon. That case is still active (link).

Street prostitution has been prevalent on S. Robinson Ave. for over 40-years. This is the most active location for street level prostitution in Oklahoma. 

It's true, this (was) the most popular spot for street prostitutes and 'Johns' to engage in criminal activity.

On March 8, 2015 - in this same tire dump - JohnTV caught the first ever act of prostitution that led to an arrest and conviction. You can watch the drone bust at this link.

Unless JohnTV's cameras actually catch an illegal act on video, there can be no investigation or prosecution. The only way to get conclusive video and identify the perpetrators is to get up close and personal.