OKC police officer previously featured in JohnTV police beating video, charged with felony after attacking girlfriend

7/13/2015 – Mustang, OK — A veteran celebrated Oklahoma City Police officer that was once featured nationally in a violent ‘John’ confrontation video on JohnTV has been criminally charged after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and putting a gun to her head.

JohnTV reported on the arrest of Oklahoma City police master sergeant Gregory ‘Greg’ Douglas Driskill in May, after Mustang and Oklahoma City police responded to a domestic dispute at Driskill’s Mustang residence - in the 700 block of East Olivia Terrace - around 10:20 in the morning.

A neighbor told a local news agency that there was often loud fighting coming from Driskill's home.

After a brief standoff, police, visibly armed with pistols and assault rifles drawn, made entry into Driskill’s residence, placed him under arrest and transported him to the Mustang Municipal Jail. Driskill was later released after posting bond.

Driskill is identified as a 16-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department. Driskill is currently assigned to the Santa Fe Patrol Division, with the current rank of Master Sergeant.

The Oklahoma City Police Department has commented that Driskill has been placed on paid vacation administrative leave (yeah, that will teach him not to beat on women).

Official OKC Police public response to Driskill's arrest.

Last Friday Driskill was formally charged in Canadian County with feloniously pointing a firearm and domestic abuse.

See KWTV News9’s report by Lisa Monahan below…

Revealed in the criminal filing were details of Driskill’s alleged crimes that both the Mustang and Oklahoma City police departments chose to keep secret until now.

According to the probable cause affidavit (see actual affidavit at bottom); On April 30, Driskill, (who at the time was married for over 20-years, with children) allegedly got into a heated argument with his girlfriend, identified as Amy Brooke Wicker, regarding her going on a family trip.

During the course of the argument, it is alleged that Driskill put a pistol to Wicker’s head and threatened to shoot her.

The couple continued to argue into the morning of May 1st. Around 7am Driskill began threatening to shoot himself. Soon thereafter, Driskill reportedly pushed Wicker, causing her to fall and hit her back on the edge of the master bathroom bathtub – leaving Wicker noticeably bruised.

Wicker was able to flee Driskill’s residence and call 911.

A news report shown locally on KOCO News5 (see below) shows the law enforcement presence that responded to Wicker’s call and contains audio from a neighbor of Driskill’s that claims loud fighting can often be heard coming from Driskill’s home.

A quick public records search shows that Driskill’s wife was granted a divorce from him on March 11, just 17-days after Driskill allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. The divorce filing indicates they have at least one minor child together (social media posts indicate two children – a boy and a girl). A marriage license granted in 1994 in Garfield County would seem to indicate the two have been married for just over 20-years.

Records also show that in 1999 Driskill’s wife filed for a Victim’s Protective Order against him in Garfield County. Just four days later she apparently withdrew her VPO request. Conveniently enough (for Greg Driskill), the original complaint was ‘destroyed’ later by court order.

Followers of JohnTV will recognize the name Greg Driskill as one of the two police officer’s video taped by JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates conducting a violent arrest of a ‘John’ in July of 2002.

That video can be seen below…

Obviously Greg Driskill has anger management issues that have now been documented against African Americans and women.

Driskill probably learned to use violence against others by current Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty who has his own history of abusing a woman who was also African American.

This is what an appellant court judge had to say about then patrol officer [William] Bill Citty regarding a 1979 arrest of a black female he and his partner made….

Crushed were the fundamental rights of a single protesting citizen beneath the grinding boot heel of uniformed government agents with all the cold callousness of an imperial executioner.

Apparently, in Oklahoma City, not only are deplorable actions against Oklahoma citizens tolerated, but they are rewarded by elevating you to the highest level of the Oklahoma City Police Department — I guess this means Driskill would probably have been given a promotion had he beat and threatened to kill his girlfriend in Oklahoma County.

If convicted, Driskill faces losing his right to carry a firearm, his career, and could spend up to a year in jail.

Driskill is the second Oklahoma City police officer to be criminally charged in recent months for pointing a firearm at another during an off duty domestic disturbance.

JohnTV will continue to follow this story.