"Monday's Really Suck!"
Episode 755


Created: 8/21/2018
Last Updated: 8/21/2018 1:21pm

Recorded Date: Aug. 20, 2018
Recorded Time: 6:30am (approx)
Recorded Location: SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave.
Videographer: Brian Bates, aka the Original Video Vigilante

Subjects Involved: 
Female: Known longtime street and Internet prostitute "Jessica."
Male: Jeffrey S. Massie, 31, of Oklahoma City. According to the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections, Massie is a convicted felon in both Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties for robbery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. At the time of this video recording, Massie reportedly was employed by Summit Supply in Oklahoma City.

Status: On 8/20/2018 a DVD copy of the incident was turned over to a detective with the Oklahoma City Police department's Vice Unit for investigation and prosecution. The female prostitute has been positively identified. The male 'John' has been positively identified. Awaiting OCPD to conclude their investigation and request the filing of criminal charges by the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office.

Details: (by Brian Bates) So, around 6:20am on that Monday morning, I had just dropped my lovely wife off at the airport and I decided I'd cruise down S. Robinson Ave. on my way back. As I passed SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. I noticed Jessica "flagging" passing cars. Jessica has been an on and off regular on S. Robinson for many years. 

I turned my car around and as I was driving by again I saw a pickup truck stop and Jessica jump into the passenger seat. The truck then drove around the immediate area for a couple of minutes. It appeared the driver was trying to find a spot to park for some quick sex with Jessica.

As the truck turned back onto SW 43 from Robinson, I assumed the driver was going to drop Jessica off where he picked her up. However, he quickly pulled into a parking lot of a local mechanic's shop and parked his truck between a couple of customer's vehicles (most likely to blend in and use those vehicles as cover).

I parked nearby, exited my vehicle and approached the truck on foot - with my video camera rolling.

Once I confirmed that Jessica appeared to be performing oral sex on the driver, I made my presence known.

The driver then quickly fled the area.

About 15-20 minutes later I saw Jessica walking back to SW 43 and S. Robinson - where she immediately began flagging cars again.

I posted a collage photo to JohnTV's Facebook pages and Twitter account (see photo below) and asked for help identifying the male driver. I then contacted a detective within the Oklahoma City Police department's Vice Unit and told him I had a copy of a video I needed to turn over for investigation. I met with that detective later that same day.


Within hours of posting the above collage photo, I began receiving tips as to whom the driver may be. First, several people identified the logo on the driver's shirt as belonging to Summit Supply, located off SE 25th in OKC. Those tips were later followed by people claiming the driver was a convicted felon named Jeffrey "Jeff" Massie who works for Summit Supply. Additional information I received claimed that Massie had called in to work that day (after being caught by JohnTV) and had also deleted his personal Facebook page. After finding a photo of Massie, publicly posted on his mother's Facebook page, and also locating his DOC mugshot, I forwarded the identifying information to the OKC Vice detective.

I am currently waiting for the detective to finish his work, recommend criminal charges and for those criminal charges to be filed. When they are, I will post the documents here.

Massie Jeffrey Jeff Scott DOC Mugshot 2013-05-06.jpg