Episode 639: "I didn't know!"

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(last updated 1/12/2017)


Date Filmed: 2004

'John': Yet to be identified.

Prostitute: Yet to be identified.

Status: Police arrived at the scene and took both the prostitute and her 'John' into custody. The John's vehicle was also impounded. A copy of the video was turned over to police for investigation.

JohnTV will update this page has more information develops.

Also mentioned in the video or Notable:

Lori Green was indeed picked up just a block from this corner in 2011 and later found murdered. Her 'John' was convicted of the crime and sent to prison for life. 

This video was shot in January of 2010. The woman survived. As a result of this video, new policies were enacted by first responders and law enforcement, NewsOK article regarding this event.

Another sad reality of S. Robinson Ave. is the fact that most women are selling themselves for as little as $20.

In this video, the officer had detained the woman when she tok off running. She fell as the officer caught up with her and her top came off during their struggle. She initially tried to claim the officer did something inappropriate to her and exposed her breasts.

JohnTV has personally witnessed girls as young as 12 being bought and sold on S. Robinson Ave.

This is from JohnTV's Donald Pete arrest video. The officer in this arrest was years later charged with putting a gun to his girlfriend's head during an argument.

Not as unheard of as you might think. It seems that many Johns insist on not using a condom with street prostitutes in OKC.

Most Johns park with a mile or two from where they pick up a prostitute. In this case, this John drove 4.5 miles.

Apparently when they first arrived, the John wanted to have sex on this piece of cardboard, and even removed his shoes there. For whatever reason, they decided to instead move to the backseat of his car.

At the time of this video, a Johns car was simply impounded. Now the car is held for about a month and the storage fee is almost $2,000 to get your car back.