EPISODE 628: "Driveway Hook-Up"

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(last updated 11/30/2016)


Date Filmed: 11/18/2016

'John': Yet to be identified.

Prostitute: Yet to be identified.

Status: Video has been turned over to a detective with the Oklahoma City Police Vice Unit. The video will be reviewed to see if there are any prosecutorial actions. In most cases one or both parties are identified and criminal charges are filed. 

Details: While observing serval street prostitutes near SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave., a 'John' driving a white Dodge Ram truck was seen stopping and picking up one of the females. The two drove to a gas station, where the driver went inside briefly. The two then drove to 320 SW 13th and parked in the driveway of an abandoned residence.

JohnTV approached and documented the prostitution related lewd activity.

JohnTV will update this page has more information develops.