Episode 407: 'John' Busted in his Corvette


Date Filmed: 6/12/2014

'John': Johnny W. Blurton, 60. DOB: 1/6/1954.

Prostitute: Unidentified.

Status: Video turned over to police. Charges filed in Oklahoma County on April 21,2016 (yeah, almost two years later). Blurton was charged with one count of misdemeanor "prostitution, engaging in an act of lewdness." As of this posting (5/25/2016) there is an active warrant for Blurton's arrest.


Pretty simple bust. Obviously Blurton stood out on S. Robinson in his shinny new Corvette. He is a regular 'John' who is often seen on S. Robinson Ave. several times a week. Blurton picked up a woman who was soliciting and then drove her to a commercial parking lot next to a church. This is one of JohnTV's first videos where Video Vigilante Brian Bates wore a pair of sunglasses with a built-in HD camera. Blurton was literally caught with his pants down (oral sex with no protection).

This video was turned in soon after the bust, but it took JohnTV's persistence and almost two years before formal criminal charges were filed.

In that time, one of Blurton's neighbors outed him to us on our Facebook page. More ironic is the fact JohnTV caught Blurton with another prostitute about a year and a half after this bust. Blurton was charged in that case too.


Also mentioned in the video

It should come as no surprise that many of the women who work the streets are homeless drug addicts that don't even own a change of clothing.

This is Mary Kladky. She's a convicted felon and former 'Bottom Bitch' with the Mario Diaz & Germaine Coulter prostitution rings. JohnTV caught Kladky (and her pimp Diaz) viciously attacking another street prostitute. Kladky pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and battery.

This is Samantha McKee. McKee is a drug addict that often works S. Robinson Ave. JohnTV currently has two cases against McKee and her 'Johns.' Her McKee is soliciting prostitution just outside the Capitol Hill Elementary School.

This street and Internet prostitute has an odd sense of humor. Here she is holding up a sign that reads, "She is 19 Brian." This woman is most often seen in nicer model cars and appears to be instructing others on how to prostitute. It is suspected that she is a part of a larger criminal organization.

A local resident paid for this billboard. As you can see, it didn't have much effect. Prostitutes could often be found posing for pictures underneath it (as seen here).

This young woman was a regular on S. Robinson Ave. for over a year. Here she is being arrested on an outstanding warrant.

This sunglasses camera is pretty cool. I wish I could remember to charge it up and wear it more often when I bust 'Johns.'

It's true. After posting Blurton's picture on social media, at least three people responded with his true identity - including one of his neighbor's.

I've also caught longtime street prostitute Tisha Howard at this location.

I actually caught Blurton a second time with a different street prostitute. I'll be posting that video soon (episode 620). Blurton was criminally charged in that incident too.

It took almost two years, but Blurton was eventually criminally charged in this incident. Never heard why the long delay.