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Since 1996, Brian Bates, Oklahoma's own Video Vigilante, has been spotlighting the graphic realities of street, forced and underage prostitution. All in an effort to expose the perpetrators, dispel the myths & raise public awareness. JohnTV achieves this goal by lifting the veil of anonymity that empowers the 'Johns' & the pimps by exposing them on this website. More about Bates and JohnTV here.

As featured on 20/20, Dateline, Nightline, Maury, CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, and more! 2009 regional EMMY award winner.

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When JohnTV transitioned over to new servers and a new website design awhile back, we lost a great deal of our archived articles - much to the delight of hundreds of 'Johns' and pimps. Well, guess what? Those archives are returning! Every week we will be adding articles of interest from our archives that are not currently on this new website. Next to "Featured Blog Posts" you will soon see a column for "Resurrected from the JohnTV Archives." Those articles will often also contain updates not previously posted. Enjoy!

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Tulsa area pimp preach faces new court date while his prostitute pleads guilty to exposing others to HIV.


An alleged Broken Arrow preacher and business owner acting as a pimp and a prostitute working for him as a masseuse were arrested in November of last year on prostitution, firearms and allegations of knowingly spreading HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. READ MORE HERE.


Flaws in the law:

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New law allows prostitution offenders to expunge and seal their criminal record within days of conviction.

An Oklahoma City man, who pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution less than two months ago, is already requesting the courts to expunge and seal his police and court record under new Oklahoma laws regarding expungement

Changes to Oklahoma's laws regarding the expungement of criminal records mean that arrested prostitutes, their customers (aka, 'Johns') and even pimps can simply plead guilty and then literally have their criminal arrest and conviction deleted from public records days later - and, it's not only legal, but Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office is helping to facilitate it!

Street Prostitution & Human Trafficking in Oklahoma City.

Featured video from JohnTV.

Why does JohnTV exist? The video above is a perfect example of why JohnTV and it's creator, Brian Bates, have spent over 20-years highlighting the reality of street level prostitution and human sex trafficking.
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Dec. 19, 2017

  1. Olivia T. Garrett preliminary hearing conference for charges of felony computer crimes, pandering, criminal proceeds and aiding prostitution. Co-defendants; Passionate Michelle Hill, and Skyler Maelyne O'Conner. Oklahoma County, 9am, Judge McCormick.

Feb. 26, 2018

  1. Luther Travis Thompson human trafficking jury trial. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge McElwee. -- Click here to read latest article.

Mar. 7, 2018

  1. Cheyenne Lee Edgemon sentencing for stalking and computer crimes (involves JohnTV creator Brian Bates). Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Troung. -- Click here to read latest article.

Mar. 12, 2018

  1. Shuntoya May Miller jury trial for human trafficking and aiding prostitution. Oklahoma County, 10am Judge Henderson. -- Click here to read latest article.

Mar. 26, 2018

  1. Tiadrian Jiyquan Freeman jury trial for human trafficking of a minor, child abuse and producing child porn. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge G. Jones. -- Click here to read latest article.
  2. Kimberley Anne Banning jury trial for assault and battery with a deadly weapon (attacked her 'John'). Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Troung. -- Click here to read latest article.

Apr. 6, 2018

  1. Markyse Flowers and Heather Rigdon jury trial on human trafficking and other related charges. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Elliot. -- Click here to read latest article.

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