8/16/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Oklahoma woman, who recently pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking of children, has moved into a neighborhood full of families and very near a NW Oklahoma City middle school.

Tonya Gay Gum, 43, and four male co-defendants were federally indicted back in June of 2015.

All five were criminally charged in federal court with child sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit child sex trafficking. Specifically, Gum, who has a long history of owning over a dozen local escort services, was accused of providing girls as young as 14 and 15 years old for commercial sex.

Gum's four co-defendants are allegedly customers (aka, 'Johns') and engaged in commercial sex with the young girls in various homes and businesses in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

In Nov. of 2015, Gum pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit child sex trafficking. According to court records, the very next month, Gum violated her house arrest by loitering for an hour in a gymnasium where a youth basketball game was being played. Gum was merely given a verbal reprimand.

Gum has been out of custody since being charged and pleading guilty. Gum is on home detention and ordered to wear an ankle monitor while she awaits sentencing. Gum faces up to life in prison.

Recently, Gum moved from her SW Oklahoma City residence to a rent house at 5841 NW 88th Street in the Lakeaire addition. Gum's new residence is in a neighborhood full of children and less than 1,000' from Hefner Middle School.

JohnTV's own Brian Bates was recently made aware of Gum's new address. Bates immediately set out to ensure that Gum's landlord, her neighbor's  and Hefner Middle School were put on notice of Gum's presence and the danger she poses.

Gum's landlord, an elderly woman who used to live in the house she now rents out, claims that she was completely unaware of Gum's criminal charges or confession. The landlord did share that the Gum's specifically asked that only Tanya's husband's name was to be on the lease - convicted felon Douglas 'Doug' Gum.

Last Tuesday, Bates went door-to-door in Gum's neighborhood distributing fliers detailing Gum's charges and guilty plea.

Bates' efforts were reported locally by Lisa Monahan with KWTV New9...

Bates spoke with several of Gum's neighbors. All were shocked and had no idea a confessed child sex trafficker was living in their neighborhood and was being allowed to live so close to a school filled with children the same age as Gum admits to selling for sex.

Since Gum has not been formally sentenced, she is not required to register as a sex offender and has no restrictions of where she can live.

Gum was recently allowed to fire her tax-payer provided lawyer, was given a new lawyer and has indicated she wishes to now withdraw her guilty plea.

There has been no date set for Gum's sentencing or hearing on her motion to withdraw her guilty plea.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.