Falsely accused Moore man freed from prison after local prostitute admits she lied; 18 years later

7/22/2016 - Moore, OK -- A Moore man, who has spent the last 18-years incarcerated, was freed after an Oklahoma prostitute admitted she lied to police and then to a jury.

Back in 1999, Salaam Moore was criminally charged with murder and attempted murder for the Jan. 1998 shootings of Phillip Gonzales and Doris Wright at a northwest side Oklahoma City apartment complex. Moore was only 16-years old at the time of the shooting.

Wright survived the shooting and told police that Moore had shot her and Gonzales over a drug debt.

Salaam Moore, 18 years old.

Moore was arrested, charged as an adult, and Wright retold her story implicating Moore to a jury in an Oklahoma County courtroom.

Prosecutors admitted at trial there was no direct evidence tying Moore to the shooting and the only witness was Wright.

Moore said he felt before trial that he'd be found not guilty, "but they [prosecutors] did some trickery stuff at this court."

On March 12, 2001, Moore was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

After spending more than half his life locked up in a cage, Wright, a drug addict and prostitute at the time, finally admitted that she lied when she identified Moore as the shooter.

In May of this year, an evidentiary hearing was held and Doris stood in a courtroom once again. However, this time Wright would recant her previous testimony. Court documents show that Wright admitted that another man committed the crime.

This past Tuesday Moore's conviction was officially dismissed and all charges vacated by Judge Timothy Henderson. Moore was a free man - for the first time in 18-years.

Now 35-years-old, Moore told local media outlets that he has no animosity towards Wright and that he never blamed her, "because I knew she had a condition," (referring to Wright's reported crack addiction). Moore says he see's Wright now as an "angel" and "I look forward to going to church with her."

Moore says that while he was locked up he became severely depressed and even attempted suicide.

Moore says he really treasures the simplest things in life, like walking a dog and going swimming, freedoms people who've never been locked up take for granted.

Moore had this to say to those he knows are wrongfully imprisoned as he was, "For the guys out there wrongfully convicted that know they're innocent, keep the faith," Moore said. "Don't give up. Never give up."