Memphis man and two sisters busted in OKC for prostitution

7/20/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Tennessee man and two sisters have been criminally charged in Oklahoma County with pimping and prostitution related crimes.

According to court records, on May 3rd an undercover officer with the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit responded to a suspected prostitution ad on

The undercover officer was told to go to the Meridian Inn on South Meridian Ave. in south OKC.

Once the undercover officer arrived at the motel room, he was met by two females - later identified as sisters Tiara Trenice Hall, 23, and Sharolyn Renee Hall, 24.

According to police, the Hall sisters agreed to perform specific sexual services in exchange for $200 each. At that point the undercover officer identified himself and gave the takedown signal for backup officers to enter the room.

As the backup plain-clothed officers were trying to make entry into the motel room, they encountered a black male also trying to enter the room. 

One of the officers produced his badge and attempted to detain the black male. At this point the male ran from officers and was pursued. Once officers caught up with the man, he was identified as Pierre Antone Cheer, 23. By the looks of his mugshot, Cheer apparently 'slipped' a few times and managed to sustain a swollen eye, cut to his forehead and abrasions to his chin -- gotta hate when that happens!

All three individuals listed home address in Memphis, TN.

According to police, the Hall sisters told detectives that Cheer was prostituting them and that he received money from each of their sex acts with customers. $128 was found on Cheer and was seized as criminal proceeds.

All three individuals were arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail - the Hall sisters on criminal complaints of engaging in prostitution and felony computer crimes and Cheer for aiding prostitution, pandering, possession of criminal proceeds and resisting arrest.

On May 12. Cheer was formally charged in Oklahoma County with two counts of felony pandering and one count of possession of criminal proceeds.

It wasn't until earlier this week that the Hall sisters were formally charged in Oklahoma County with one count each of misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution.

As of this posting, Cheer remains in custody, unable to secure his $38,000 bond.

The Hall sisters are not in custody and warrants were issued for their arrest yesterday.

Sharolyn Hall / Facebook 2016

Cheer's next court date is set for Aug. 8 at 9 a.m. before Judge Hammond, for his preliminary hearing.

Apparently the Hall sisters have a bit of a criminal history in their home state of Tennessee. 

According to the following recent Facebook posts, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office posted Sharolyn Hall's mugshot in a 'wanted person' post back in January.

Fayette County Sheriff's Office / Facebook 2016

Then, just last week, the West Tennessee Fugitive Recovery Unit posted that they had just arrested Sharolyn Hall on outstanding warrants - found hiding in her closet.

West Tennessee Fugitive Recovery Unit / Facebook 2016

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