Over a year after their initial arrest, two charged with prostitution and pandering

8/7/2013 (last updated 4/24/2016) – OKC, OK — Almost 21 months after their initial arrest, an Oklahoma City couple has been charged in Oklahoma County with crimes related to prostitution and pimping.

In Oct. of 2011 Tara Jane English and Jeremy Eugene Steelman were arrested as a result of an undercover prostitution sting.

According to court records, the investigation into English and Steelman began when police utilized a ‘Confidential Informant’ (also known as a “C.I.” and most likely an arrested ‘John’ and former client of English’s turned snitch) to make contact with suspected Internet prostitutes.

The CI made arrangements to meet up with English at the Chieftain Motel in the 8100 block of South Shields Blvd.

Tara English

Steelman reportedly drove English to the motel and then watched from a business nearby.

English was arrested after she agreed to perform specific sexual acts in exchange for $200.

When undercover officers approached Steeleman and identified themselves, Steelman tried to flee on foot but was captured.

Police arrested Steelman for aiding and abetting prostitution after it was confirmed he rented the motel room for English.

Detectives next met with English in May of 2012 when they made contact with her in the Oklahoma County Jail.

At that time English reportedly told investigators that she and Steelman were in a romantic relationship in August of 2011 when he convinced her she should prostitute to support them.

English claims that Steelman directed her on how to post Internet prostitution ads and told her to charge $150 per hour.

English allegedly admitted to engaging in a great many sexual encounters with strangers between Sept. 2011 and May of 2012.

English estimated that she made between $20,000 and $30,000 dollars – all of which she was forced to hand over to Steelman.

Tara English proudly showing off her illegal cash on social media.

English told detectives that she soon did not want to continue working as a prostitute but that Steelman physically and verbally abused her when she complained.

On July 10, of this year formal charges were filed in Oklahoma County against both English and Steelman.

Steelman is charged with pandering, aiding and abetting prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution.

English is charged with felony computer crimes and misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution.

Arrest warrants were issued for both English and Steelman on July 11 and are still in effect.

There are also active warrants against both English and Steelman for 2012 felony charges of possession of a stolen credit and debit cards.

English’s last known address is in the 2700 block of NW Moutlon Dr. in Oklahoma City.

If you know where English or Steelman are, please contact police (you can verify if they still have active warrants at this link).