Former high ranking member of OKC human trafficking ring set to change son’s name to honor pimp tomorrow

A woman who was once considered by many to have been a ‘bottom bitch’ for one of Oklahoma City’s most notorious prostitution and human trafficking rings is set to go before a judge tomorrow to change her son’s name to honor her former pimp.

OKC Prostitute seeks to change son’s name to honor former pimp & human trafficker

A woman who once held a leadership role in Oklahoma’s most infamous prostitution and human trafficking ring is seeking a court order to officially change the name of her child to honor her former pimp – and she’s doing it from the comfort of a $1.4 million dollar mansion in Gailardia.

OKC’s most notorious pimp, Germaine Coulter, pleads guilty and gets 10yrs in prison

OKC’s most notorious pimp, Germaine Coulter, pleads guilty and gets 10yrs in prison

You heard it here first! Oklahoma City’s most notorious pimp and human trafficker Germaine Coulter pleaded guilty today and was sentenced to prison for laundering the proceeds of his prostitution business through shell companies.

Another member of the OKC Coulter/Diaz prostitution & human trafficking ring pleads guilty

9/5/2012 – OKC, OK — Another key member of Oklahoma’s most notorious prostitution and human trafficking ring pleads guilty as two ringleaders delay their preliminary hearing.

JohnTV was first to break the story in 2009 of what has been described as Oklahoma’s largest prostitution and human trafficking ring, run by locals Christina Byler, Germaine Coulter and Mario Diaz.

In September of 2011 five members of the criminal enterprise were charged with Felony racketeering in Oklahoma County; Elizabeth Elaine Andrade, Julianne Rupert, Christina Mae Byler, Germaine Coulter, and Mario Diaz.

Last Friday (8/31/2012), Andrade pled guilty to the reduced charge of conspiracy to conceal criminal proceeds and was sentenced to 10-years deferred, DOC supervision, $45 VCA and court costs.

This past July, co-defendant Rupert pled guilty to a reduced charge of conspiracy to commit a felony – concealing criminal proceeds – and was given a 10-year deferred sentence, 20-weekends in the county jail and fines and court costs.

The alleged leaders of an often violent prostitution and human trafficking ring; (Left to right) Elizabeth Andrade, Brandie Stanley and Christina Byler.

With the conclusion of the cases against Rupert and Andrade, that only leaves the three most culpable individuals; Byler, Coulter and Diaz.

Both Coulter and Diaz were set to have their preliminary hearings last Friday, but reportedly there was a last minute continuance after prosecutors reached a plea agreement with Andrade and additional witnesses were endorsed by the state – one of those witnesses expected to testify against Byler, Coulter and Diaz is JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case to its conclusion.

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