OKC man and Lawton woman charged with pimping and sex trafficking local teen

8/3/2016 - OKC, OK -- A man from Oklahoma City and a woman from Lawton are accused of the pimping and sex trafficking of a female teen from the metro.

The teen, who will only be identified in this article as 'the juvenile', was rescued by members of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit less than two weeks ago during a routine Internet prostitution sting.

On July 21, at around 11:20 p.m., an undercover OCPD Vice detective responded to an ad on Backpage.com that he suspected was a front for prostitution. You can see the actual ad below...

Actual Backpage.com ad selling a child in OKC. Redacted by JohnTV.

The undercover Vice detective was instructed to go to a room at the Motel 6 located at 6600 NW Expressway in OKlahoma City. Once the detective arrived, he met with the young woman featured in the ad above. When the female offered to engage in sexual intercourse in exchange for $200 she was taken into custody.

While being interviewed by OCPD Vice detectives, the girl admitted that she was a juvenile and that she was being prostituted by another female prostitute and a male pimp.

According to the juvenile, she and another girl were previously being prostituted in Texas by a different pimp they only knew as 'Blue.' During this time, the juvenile was introduced to a woman who also prostituted herself online. This woman went by the street name 'Nay Nay' and is reportedly the 'bottom bitch' for an Oklahoma City pimp that is known as 'Concieted' (yeah, he spells it wrong, and I'm guessing its not on purpose either).

'Nay Nay' was eventually identified by detectives as Shaquan Shanae Miles, 22, of Lawton. Below is one of Miles' alleged Backpage.com prostitution ads - posted about the same time she would have met the juvenile featured in this article.

Shaquan Miles' online prostitution ad.

According to Miles' publicly available Facebook page, she is a single mother of at least two children.

Shaquan Miles as posted publicly to Facebook.

'Concieted' was eventually identified as 30-year-old Carey Lee Holt of Oklahoma City.

Carey Holt as posted publicly to Facebook.

According to the juvenile, Miles and Holt picked her up in Texas and brought her back to Oklahoma City about a week before her arrest.

The juvenile told police that the money she earned, being prostituted online, was used by Miles and Holt to pay for clothes, food, gas and other items.

When detectives searched the juvenile's phone, they found text messages from her - checking-in with someone she programmed into her phone as 'Daddy.' That person was later identified as Holt.

This past Monday, Miles and Holt were officially charged in Oklahoma County.

Miles was charged with human trafficking of a minor for commercial sex. Holt was charged with pandering (pimping), two counts of possession of CDS with intent, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, and possession of criminal proceeds.

Miles, who is listed as living in an apartment in the 2800 block of SW J Ave. in Lawton, is currently on probation from a 2012 conviction for aggravated assault and battery. Miles is also currently criminally charged in Comanche County with violation of the Mary Rippy Violent Crime Registration Act.

Holt, a felon, is currently on probation for prior convictions for possession of a firearm after former conviction, transporting a loaded firearm, concealing stolen property, and two counts of possession of a taken credit card. 

Shaquan Miles as she appears publicly on Facebook.

Shaquan Miles as she appears publicly on Facebook.

Just two days before police rescued the juvenile Holt is accused of pimping, Holt was charged in Oklahoma County with possession of CDS, felon in possession of a firearm and operating a motor vehicle on which taxes are due the state.

In June of last month in Garfield County, Holt was the subject of a civil asset forfeiture case wherein $270 and a 2002 Cadillac Escalade were seized by the state of Oklahoma as part of a drug bust.

Holt listed his address as an apartment in the 11100 block of Springhollow Rd. in NW OKC.

Holt is reportedly from Enid, where he attended high school and still has family and friends living in the area.

Both Miles and Holt are currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail. Miles' bond has been set at $200,000 and Holts' bond is set at $247,000.

Shaquan Miles' DOC prison mugshot from 2012.

As a final note, detectives added this to the bottom of their probable cause for isuance of an arrest warrant affidavit... "During the course of this investigation your affiant has learned that Carey Holt and Shaquan Miles are willing to travel out of state for the purposes of prostitution and recruiting. Due to the fact that the victim has traveled from Iowa to Texas and then to Oklahoma for prostitution shows the ability for the suspects involved to flee. On Carey Holt's Facebook page he has pictures of himself in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Shaquan Miles states on her Facebook that she lives in Texas. Due to the severity of the crime it is believed that these suspects will likely flee the jurisdiction of the court once they realize they are being investigated."

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

After looking further into Holt's background, it appears Holt doesn't limit himself to just pimping kids. According to Holt's publicly available Facebook profile, Holt also claims to pimp one of Oklahoma's most notorious (most likely illegal) pyramid schemes - Motor Club of America.

Holt's MCA webpage can be found at this link.

Additionally, Holt claims to also be a sports promoter and uses an address that actually comes back to a 7-11 at 122nd and N. Penn. Ave. in NW OKC.


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