North Carolina Internet Prostitute busted last night in OKC sting

UPDATED: on 3/17/2017, Mozingo pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two-years deferred, ordered to obtain a health check and pay 991 fees, $300 fine, $300 VCA and court costs.

7/20/2016 (updated 8/17/2016) - OKC, OK -- A woman from North Carolina, who travels the country as a prostitute advertising on the Internet, was arrested in Oklahoma City late last night during a police sting.

Not much is known at this time, but here is what we can piece together so far from public records.

26-year-old Ashley Mozingo posted a prostitution ad in the Oklahoma City Escorts section of around 11 p.m. last night.

Below is the actual ad (link to ad on Backpage)...

Mozingo, who goes by the name Amanda Phoenix, promotes herself as a 21-year-old "Blonde Barbie" who is "100% professional", doesn't 'trick' with black men and is "very open minded."

Mozingo also points out that she's "Preferred 411" and "ECCIE" verified. 

For those not in the know - those are websites that promote prostitution and cater to trying to ensure members (Johns and prostitutes) that they are not dealing with law enforcement.

ECCIE in particular treats women like a Yelp restaurant review - as seen in a recent review posted about Mozingo, aka Amanda Phoenix.

Regardless, while no police report is yet available, we're pretty certain it's going to read something like this... "An undercover officer made contact with Mozingo online and was told to come to her motel. When the officer arrived, Mozingo agreed to sex acts in exchange for cash and was arrested."

All of this apparently went down (so to speak)  around 11:20 p.m. - which is a bit suspect considering she had only posted her ad 20 minutes before.

Speaking of 'before'... here is a photo Mozingo posted publicly to her Facebook account, literally just an hour or two before her arrest.

Ashley Mozingo as posted publicly to Facebook.

And, because there would be no 'before' photo if there wasn't and 'after' - this is Mozingo just after her arrest...

As of this posting, Mozingo is still sitting in the Oklahoma County Jail unable to come up with her $2,500 bond for criminal complaints of felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.

Mozingo gave a home address in Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

A quick search of Mozingo's Internet posting history shows that she recently traveled to/from Amarillo, Dallas, Denton, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, El Paso and Fort Worth before arriving in OKC.

Oh, and if you happen to be one of those 'Johns' who partook in the prostitution of Mozingo - know that court records show police now have this annoying little habit of getting a search warrant for arrested prostitute's cell phones and then getting the phone numbers, identities and GPS location information for each 'John'/'date' contained therein. Often the phones also have the identities of other prostitutes. This information is handy when police contact a scared shitless 'John' and convince him turn over his ECCIE or 411 account information so law enforcement can infiltrate those websites. Sleep well!

JohnTV will continue to follow this story.

UPDATE: On Aug. 17, 2016 Ashley Dawn Mozingo was formally charged in Oklahoma County with one count of misdemeanor offering to engage in prostitution.