DISMISSED - Jones Oklahoma Transexual Barrel Racer, Internet Prostitute and Porn Star Taylor Hendren Has hIS Prostitution Charges Dropped

Taylor Hendren Dismissal Banner.jpg

1/21/2019 - OKC, OK — A well-known trans-“cowgirl” from Jones, Oklahoma recently dodged a bullet when his prostitution charges in Oklahoma County were suddenly and unceremoniously dismissed.

Readers will recall that back in June of last year JohnTV reported on the arrest of 33-year-old Taylor Jo Hendren (born Joshua Stephen Hendren)'. Hendren’s arrest came after an undercover Oklahoma City police Vice officer responded to an online ad posted by Hendren. The ad was believed to be a front for prostitution. You can see the actual ad below, and decide for yourself…

Hendren Taylor Jo Erotic Monkey Ad.jpg

According to the probable cause affidavit (see below), after the male undercover officer arrived at Hendren’s mobile home in Jones, Hendren offered to perform oral sex on the officer for $200.


Hendren was then taken into custody, booked into the Oklahoma County jail and later released. On Sept. 20 Hendren was officially charged with one misdemeanor count of offering to engage in an act of prostitution.

While Taylor’s current resume contains such accomplishments as Olive Garden bartender, competitive barrel racer, online prostitute and porn star - it looks like Hendren could now add psychic.

You see, the day after Hendren was arrested, he professed and predicted on Facebook that the District Attorney himself (David Prater?) "…let me go…” and that “…things are getting sorted out.”

Well, that must have been an interesting “sort out” session with the district attorney - because on January 10th the entire case just went away. The only notation in the court record reads, “state moves to dismiss in the best interest of justice.”

Making this “sorting out” even more suspect is the fact that Hendren was never charged with felony computer crimes (as almost all other Internet prostitutes are) and online court records don’t even show an entry of appearance by a defense attorney for Hendren. In fact, the online record doesn’t even name a prosecutor on the case. Makes JohnTV wonder if Hendren’s “sorting out” with the District Attorney looked anything like the plot to one of his publicly available trans-porn videos….. (as seen below)

Hendren Taylor Porn Collage.jpg

Obviously JohnTV has no idea how this all TRANS-pired but it’s curious none-the-less.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact JohnTV - you can remain anonymous.