Weekly Arrest Wrap-up Ending 10/21/2018

The following is a list of individuals who were arrested on prostitution and/or public lewdness related charges (or who have a history of prostitution/lewdness charges) during the week of 10/15/2018 – 10/21/2018 according to public records maintained by the Oklahoma County Jail and the Oklahoma City Police Department.

5 individuals arrested.

Arrested 10/15/2018

Christopher Kyle Compton: DOB 3/21/1983, male, reportedly resides at the Clara Waters Community Corrections Center.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma City Police Department
Criminal Complaint: Municipal Charge, New Charge. Tracking illegal drugs, possession of proceeds. 2014 case for aiding and abetting prostitution.

Arrested 10/16/2018

Oscar Hernandez Rangel: DOB 12/30/1984, Hispanic Male, reportedly resides in the 500 block of SW 56th St. in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: OKC Police Dept.
Criminal Complaint: Oklahoma County Warrant, Municipal Charge, New Charge. Indecent exposure and offering to engage in an act of lewdness.

Arrested 10/17/2018

Demianna Parker: DOB 3/18/1997, female, reportedly resides in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: OCPD
Criminal Complaint: Failure to Appear, New Charges. 2017 case for felony computer crimes and offering to engage.

Arrested 10/18/2018

Jung Sook Choi: DOB 3/11/1972, Asian female, reportedly resides in Lakewood, WA.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma City Police Dept.
Criminal Complaint: New Charge. Felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.
Details: At approx. 9:10pm, an officer responded to an online ad for prostitution and was directed to go to the Extended Stay America at 4820 W. Reno in OKC. When the officer arrived, Choi agreed to provide sexual intercourse in exchange for $160.


Jose Gonzales: DOB 3/19/1979, Hispanic male, reportedly resides in the 2700 block of SW Virginian Ave. in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Complaint: Failure to appear. 2011 case for offering to engage in prostitution.

Compton Christopher Kyle Mugshot Pimp 2018-10-16.jpg
Parker Demianna Sherelleann Mugshot Prostitute 2018-10-17.jpg
Choi Jung Sook Mugshot Prostitute 2018-10-19.jpg