Weekly Arrest Wrap-Up Ending 7/15/2018

The following is a list of individuals who were arrested on prostitution and/or public lewdness related charges (or who have a history of prostitution/lewdness charges) during the week of 7/9/2018 – 7/15/2018 according to public records maintained by the Oklahoma County Jail and the Oklahoma City Police Department.

5 individuals arrested.

Arrested 7/10/2018

Gabino Rangel Leal: DOB 2/10/1982, Hispanic male (trans), reportedly resides OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma City Police Dept.
Criminal Complaint: (New Charge) Offering to engage in prostitution.
Criminal Charges: CPC-18-5729
Details: 7/10/2018 at 24 SE 56th in OKC, OK. Leal was contacted by an undercover officer. Leal offered to engage in sexual intercourse for $200.

Alexandria Callan: DOB 12/17/1991, White female, reportedly resides in Jones, OK.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.
Criminal Complaint: (surrender on bond) 2016 case for felony computer crimes, offering to engage in prostitution, and drug crimes (CF-16-8252).

Arrested 7/12/2018

Overton Leroy Wilson jr.: DOB 4/7/1993, Black male, reportedly resides in the 1300 block of N. Stiles (Apt), OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: Midwest City Police Dept.
Criminal Complaints: (Okla. County Warrant. Failure to Appear) 2018 case for aiding and abetting prostitution, possession of CDS with intent, criminal proceeds. Also has a 2018 case for Murder 1 (CF-18-1415).
Criminal Case: CF-18-875 Felony possession of CDS with intent (marijuana), criminal proceeds and aiding and abetting prostitution.
Details: (Pimping charges) Police allege that Wilson was acting as a pimp or lookout for a female prostitute identified as Attica Lemons. (Murder charges) 11/5/2012 around 11:30pm, a man named Cody Davis was assaulted and killed - allegedly by Wilson and four other co-defendants. Wilson claims they were buying drugs and robbed David.

Arrested 7/13/2018

Gary Virle Kaulaity: DOB 11/15/1978, Hispanic male, reportedly resides in the 3800 block of Bella Vista Dr, in Midwest City, OK.
Arresting Agency: OCPD
Criminal Complaint: (Violation of deferred sentence. Fines and costs) 2012 case for offering to engage in prostitution (CM-12-3003).

Arrested 7/14/2018

Logan Meiseman: DOB 4/15/1985, reportedly resides in the 11700 block of Hollyrock Cat., Yukon, OK.
Arresting Agency: Valley Brook Police Dept.
Criminal Complaint: (New Charge and Okla. County Warrants) 2008 case for offering to engage in prostitution (CM-08-3563).

Leal Gabino Rangel Mugshot Prostitute 2018-07-10.jpg
Callan Alexandria Mugshot Prostitute 2018-07-04.jpg
Wilson Overton Leroy Mugshot Pimp 2018-07-13.jpg
Kaulaity Gary Jim Mugshot John 2018-07-14.jpg