Weekly arrest wrap-up ending 1/7/2017

The following is a list of individuals who were arrested on prostitution and/or public lewdness related charges (or who have a history of prostitution/lewdness charges) during the week of 1/1/2018 – 1/7/2018 according to public records maintained by the Oklahoma County Jail and the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Arrested 1/2/2018

Victoria Marie Lynch: DOB 3/29/1990, Black female, reportedly resides in the 2100 block of S. Scranton Way, in Aurora, CO.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma City Police Dept.
Charges: (New charges) Conspiracy to commit a felony, human trafficking, possession of marijuana and possession of CDS.

Montwaun Meloncon: DOB 7/28/1985, Black male, reportedly resides as a transient in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: OCPD
Charges: (New charge) Human trafficking, conspiracy, possession of marijuana, possession of CDS, possession of proceeds, and fugitive from justice.

Lacy Nicole Nixon: DOB 8/14/1987, White female, reportedly resides in OKC. OK.
Arresting Agency: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.
Charges: (Temporary commitment) 2016 case for possession of CDS, felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.

Arrested 1/4/2018

Alysia Proctor: DOB 1/21/1996, Black female, reportedly resides in the 300 block of SE 42 in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: OKC Police Dept.
Charges: (failure to appear) 2016 case. Kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon, felony computer crimes, engaging in prostitution, and possession of a taken credit card.

Arrested 1/5/2018

Deandre Jamarcus Reeves: DOB 8/7/1992, Black male, reportedly resides in the 4200 block of SE 54th Street in OKC, OK.
Arresting Agency: OKC Police Dept.
Charges: (Oklahoma County warrant) 2015 case. Aiding and abetting prostitution and human trafficking.

Lynch Victoria Marie Mugshot Pimp 2018-01-03.jpg
Meloncon Montwaun Labaron Mugshot Pimp 2018-01-03.jpg
Nixon Lacy Nicole Mugshot Prostitut 2018-01-02.jpg
Proctor Alysia Cheyenne Mugshot Prostitute 2018-01-04.jpg