Man and woman arrested in OKC and charged with human sex trafficking

1/25/2018 - OKC, OK -- A man and a woman from out-of-state, recently arrested in Oklahoma City during a prostitution sting, have been charged with human sex trafficking and drug crimes.

According to court records; on Jan. 2, 2018 undercover officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit were conducting online prostitution stings by making contact with ads placed on

Below is an example of just one of the Internet ads containing the phone number police contacted in this investigation.

One of several ads posted by the phone number associated with the individuals in this article.

Around 9:00 p.m. a male undercover officer that had responded via text message to a suspected prostitution ad was directed to go room 228 at the Extended Stay America located at 4811 NW Expressway in NW OKC.

After the officer arrived, a female inside the hotel room, that will be identified by JohnTV as F.W. was taken into custody after she agreed to perform specific sexual acts in exchange for $160.

While F.W. was being interviewed by arresting officers, she gave information regarding a man and a woman who had transported her from out-of-state and allegedly forced her to engage in prostitution. 

Based on the information that F.W. provided, she was suspected to be a sex trafficking victim. Investigators then made contact with F.W.'s alleged traffickers.

Police detained Victoria Marie Lynch of Aurora, Colorado/Desoto, TX and Montwaun Labaron Meloncon of Texas.

Montwaun Meloncon as posted publicly to his Facebook page.

Investigators learned that Lynch, 27, had rented two rooms at the hotel; one to be used as a living quarters for herself and Meloncon and the other to be used for acts of prostitution by their victim. Lynch also owned the vehicle that was used to transport Meloncon and F.W. from Colorado. F.W. also claimed that Lynch threatened her if she refused to commit acts of prostitution. F.W. stated she was forced to hand over all the money she made in exchange for sex acts. F.W. stated that she had made Lynch and Meloncon approximately $700 on this date.

Court documents reveal that Lynch allegedly rented the hotel rooms at the direction of Meloncon, 32, and that Meloncon had also directed F.W. on how to engage in acts of prostitution. F.W. stated that Meloncon threatened her with physical harm and choked her when she questioned his demands.

Neither Lynch nor Meloncon have legal employment and neither could account for the over $1,600 in cash that law enforcement seized from them. Additionally, a search of Lynch and Meloncon's hotel room revealed small amounts of marijuana and MDMA (aka, Ecstasy).

Lynch and Meloncon were placed under arrested and transported to the Oklahoma County Jail. As of this posting, Lynch and Meloncon are both still being held on a $104,000 bond each.

On Jan. 11, 2018 both Lynch and Meloncon were charged in Oklahoma County with felony human sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of marijuana and possession of MDMA.

Lynch Victoria Marie Mugshot Pimp 2018-01-03.jpg
Meloncon Montwaun Labaron Mugshot Pimp 2018-01-03.jpg

Lynch and Meloncon appeared in court last Friday for arraignment. The duo pleaded "not guilty" and were provided with a tax payer funded defense lawyer. They are next set to appear in court on Feb. 8, 2018 at 9 a.m. for a preliminary hearing conference.

Neither Lynch nor Meloncon have a prior criminal record in Oklahoma.

Meloncon has prior arrests in Texas for burglary, assault, possession of drugs, displaying a fictitious license plate, driving without a license and failure to maintain insurance.

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