Transsexual Barrel Racer, porn star from Jones, Oklahoma Busted for Prostitution - Claims it's all a big misunderstanding

6/29/2018 (UPDATED 9/9/2018) - OKC, OK -- Sing along with me, "Mamma don't let your cowboys grow up to be cowgirls." And if you do, don't let them grow up to be online prostituting trans-cowgirls who also star in porn videos from ultra-conservative Jones, Oklahoma - because it could become a super sized shit show in their life.

Oh, and if you do become a trans-cowgirl, online hooker, porn star and you get busted for selling $200 blowjobs - don't run to your Facebook profile proclaiming you're a victim of identity theft and that you have no idea what's going on. Why? Because Oklahoma has JohnTV, where there is no hiding (or tucking) your penis from the truth.

Here's what we know....

On Wednesday the Oklahoma City Vice unit received a tip regarding a 33-year-old online trans-prostitute/porn star by the name of Taylor Jo Hendren. Let me TRANSlate that for you... Some bitter cowgirl probably found out her cowboy was knocking boots with a he/she and the girlfriend decided to eliminate the competition. I don't know that for a fact, I'm just guessing out loud.

Back to the facts....

According to the bitter bitch who ratted Hendren out, Hendren was pimping himself on the prostitution promotion website [Erotic] Monkey. 

Once the cops found Hendren's online prostitution ad (see ad below, or at this link NSFW), they gave him a call.

Hendren Taylor Erotic Monkey Ad 01 Edited.jpg

You'll notice in the ad above that Hendren advertises himself as a fit tranny with no tats, a set of 34 C's and a "partially shaven" kitty. No mention of any dangly bits - however Hendren's online porn videos settle that question once and for all. Sadly, Hendren only has a mere two reviews. Even more sad, JohnTV's budget doesn't allow for a premium account on Erotic Monkey. So, we have no idea what Hendren's customers thought of his horseback riding skills. If any readers are premium members of Erotic Monkey, please feel free to send us some screen shots of Hendren's reviews (don't worry, we won't judge you and you will remain anonymous).

Hendren told the undercover officer to come to his house in the 10500 block of Olive Way in Jones (which amounts to a 3-bedroom double-wide on 5-acres). According to the probable cause affidavit (see below), "once at the address the detective was invited inside by Hendren and during this conversation Hendren offered to provide the undercover detective with oral sex in exchange for $200.00."

Hendren was then placed under arrest and transported to the Oklahoma County Jail and held briefly on a $2,500 bond. 

JohnTV is told that due to "housing concerns" at the Oklahoma County Jail, Hendren was quickly released on an Own Recognizance (OR) bond (aka, "Get Out of Jail Free" card).

Hendren Taylor Jo Mugshot Prostitute 2018-06-28.jpg

Early the next morning, a Criminal Probable Cause case (CPC-18-5346) was filed in Oklahoma County. Which is ironic because apparently Hendren is in full social media denial mode. Hendren reportedly posted this privately to his Facebook page...


So, for the statement above to be true...... You'd have to be willing to believe that somebody stole Hendren's photos from his publicly accessible Facebook page, posted them to Erotic Monkey, used a phone number that Hendren answered when police called and Hendren just happened to offer that police officer a blow job for $200. Oh, and the DA David Prater himself personally intervened and "let [Taylor] go." Because, it's all a big misunderstanding that is "being sorted out."

A little digging into public records shows that Hendren lists himself as recently working as a bartender at Olive Garden and legally changed his name from Joshua Stephen Hendren to Taylor Jo Hendren on July 11, 2007.

Hendren may also have a bit of a drinking problem... according to court records, Hendren pleaded guilty in 2008 in Canadian County to DUI - got a deferred, but then somehow screwed that up and got the sentence accelerated to a suspended conviction.

Then in 2012 Hendren pleaded guilty in Oklahoma County to another DUI.

Apparently, when Hendren isn't barrel racing or prostituting himself he likes to star in trans-porn videos.

Thanks to a JohnTV fan who was "just looking on internet and stumbled across it lol" we have the proof...

A video titled "Busty Blonde Cowgirl Rides a Big Cock" stars an individual who looks surprisingly identical to Taylor Hendren (see photos below)...

Screen shots from one of Taylor Hendren's trans-porn videos, as seen publicly online.

It's apparently a fairly popular trans-porn video with over 360,000 views on one website alone. 

Taylor Hendren XVideos Still 01.jpg

Oh, and it gets even better.... If you just happen to be looking for a trans-porn star, prostitute, barrel racer roommate -  what do you know, Hendren may be just the match for you. One word of warning - you apparently have to be "respectful" and "sane."

JohnTV located this "roommate wanted" ad posted to Craigslist while researching this story...

Hendren Taylor Craigslist Roommate 03.jpg

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

Until then, below are a few pics from Hendren's publicly accessible Facebook profile...

Hendren Taylor Jo Facebook Pic 08 redacted.jpg
Hendren Taylor Jo Facebook Pic 03 Redacted.jpg