Young Mother Recently Arrested for Prostitution Dies in Oklahoma County Jail

12/17/2018 - OKC, OK — A young mother being held at the Oklahoma County Jail on a prostitution warrant has died over the weekend according to officials.

Sindi Lucille Spray, 24, was reportedly found “unresponsive” by other inmates in the jail around 5 p.m. Sunday. Medical staff members of the jail reportedly tried to revive Spray but were unsuccessful. Spray was pronounced dead at 5:30 p.m., the sheriff’s office reports. Spray marks the sixth death of an inmate within the Oklahoma County Jail this year.

Below is the official release by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office…

According to court records, Spray was originally arrested back on June 19 during a joint Internet prostitution sting conducted by members of the Oklahoma City Vice Unit, Midwest City Police Department and Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department.

In that instance, an undercover officer responded to an online ad that appeared to be a front for prostitution.

The undercover officer was directed to a motel room at the Studio 6 at 5801 Tinker Diagonal in Midwest City. Once the officer arrived at the room, he was met by Spray, who offered to engage in sexual intercourse in exchange for $100 now and $100 at the completion.

Spray was then taken into custody (most likely after the officer had Spray get completely naked - you know, well, because he can).

Spray was then transported to the Oklahoma County Jail and booked into custody on a misdemeanor prostitution complaint and a felony computer crimes complaint.

Online records indicate Spray’s bond was initially set at $1,000 on June 21. Spray was released from custody shortly thereafter.

Spray Sindi Lucille Mugshot Prostitute 2018-06-20.jpg

A Certificate of Probable Cause was filed in Oklahoma County on June 20. Formal criminal charges were filed in Oklahoma County on July 16.

At Spray’s July 25th arraignment, she pleaded ‘not guilty.’

On Nov. 7th, Spray was scheduled to make a court appearance and she failed to appear. A warrant was issued for her arrest on Nov. 9th and Spray’s bond was increased to $4,000.

According to online records, Spray was arrested on her warrant in Pottawatamie by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Dec. 12.

Spray was then transferred to the Oklahoma County Jail on Dec. 13.

Spray Sindi Lucille Mugshot Prostitute 2018-12-13.jpg

Unable to make bond, Spray remained in jail over the weekend until she was found to be unresponsive in her cell by other inmates.

A quick online search show no other criminal record for Spray.

Spray’s online judicial footprint consists of a 2013 marriage license to a Jesse Wayne Knight Orr in Hughes County. And, a 2017 paternity case in Cleveland County with a Nathan K. Morris.

Spray and Morris’ Facebook profiles indicate they at in a dating relationship with one another. Spray has not publicly posted to her Facebook profile since Oct. of 2017 - Morris’ most recent posting was Nov. 28 of this year. Spray and Morris appear to have at least one child together.

A couple of things seem odd about this case in JohnTV’s opinion. One, according to the official probable cause affidavit, the sting Spray was initially arrested in involved all east three law enforcement agencies (OKC Vice, MWC PD and OCSO). That’s a lot of resources (manpower, equipment, tax dollars and liability), that were most likely being paid overtime, and the only result of those efforts that appears in the jail records this arrest of a young single mom, with no priors that would have 100% ended in a misdemeanor deferred sentence.

The second odd thing is the allegation Spray’s solicitation was for $100 now and then $100 after. That’s a sure sign of an individual who has not been prostituting very long at all. It has probably been years since I read a PCA where a prostitute did not insist on all the money up front. Otherwise, every other trick is going to cheat you out of the other $100.

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office are both conducting investigations to determine Spray’s cause of death.

JohnTV would speculate that Spray either had an underlying medical condition, had fatal withdrawals from drugs she was taking prior to being arrested, or, ingested drugs inside the Oklahoma County Jail and had a fatal reaction.

Regardless, it is the senseless loss of the life of a mother and daughter who was likely loved by many.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact JohnTV.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

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Posted publicly to Facebook in 2012

Posted publicly to Facebook in 2012