OKC man previously exonerated for murder, arrested for assault, maiming and human trafficking

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UPDATE: Moore was formally charged in two separate criminal cases on April 6; Human trafficking, kidnapping, maiming, domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon, possession of criminal proceeds, use of surveillance camera while in commission of a felony, and possession of cds (marijuana).

3/29/2018 - OKC, OK -- An Oklahoma man who was released from prison in 2016 after his 2001 murder conviction was vacated, was arrested yesterday for assaulting, maiming and sex trafficking a woman in the metro.

JohnTV previously reported on 36-year-old Salaam Abdeageau Moore in July of 2016

According to court records, after Salaam spent 18-years in prison, one of the people Salaam allegedly shot in 1998 came forward and claimed she lied at trial and that Salaam was not her shooter. At the time of the shooting, Salaam was only 16-years old and was accused of shooting and injuring Doris Wright (a known prostitute) and shooting and killing Phillip Gonzales.

Wright initially claimed that Moore shot and killed Gonzales over a drug debt.

Moore was serving life without parole at the time of his release.

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While Moore may have been thankful about his release from prison, he obviously did not learn his lesson.

And, in a strange ironic twist, though it was a prostitute that eventually freed him from prison - it may very well be a prostitute that also sends him right back to prison.

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According to police, around 7 p.m. Tuesday, an Oklahoma City police officer arrested a woman on a warrant near NW 8 and Kentucky Ave. When the officer tried to book her into the Oklahoma County Jail, they refused because she was suffering from a stab wound to her head - which begs the question, "Why the hell didn't the arresting officer call for an ambulance when he first made contact with her?"

When the woman was interviewed, she stated that she suffered the stab wound from Moore after he first pistol whipped her with a .45 caliber handgun and then stabbed her in the head while trying to cut off her hair.

The woman claimed Moore became upset when she packed her bags and tried to leave him.

The woman told police that Moore went by the street name "Westside" and had been pimping her out and keeping all the money.

The woman told police that on March 18, Moore kicked her in the face, knocking out three of her teeth. When the woman was examined at the hospital, it was determined her missing teeth had indeed been removed by force.

Officers located Moore and took him into custody on criminal complaints of possession of a CDS, possession of marijuana, possession of criminal proceeds, possession of drug paraphernalia, use of a surveillance camera while in commission of a felony, maiming, domestic assault with a deadly weapon and human sex trafficking.

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Moore is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

In 2017, Moore filed a $175,000 claim for wrongful conviction and imprisonment regarding his 2001 conviction and 18-years in prison.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case. 

If you have any information on Moore, aka Westside, please contact us.