Guthrie pimp convicted and given a $45 fine. His prostitute? She is sentenced to 5-years in prison.

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2/6/2018 - OKC, OK -- A man and a woman from Guthrie, Oklahoma have been convicted of their criminal acts as a pimp and prostitute in Oklahoma City. As is usually the case in Oklahoma County, the pimp is given a hug-a-thug sentence while the prostitute is treated more harshly.

As JohnTV first reported back in June of 2016, 38-year-old Daniel Waldemar Laughlin was accused of prostituting 27-year-old Tanice Lashay Nelson.

According to court records, on June 20, 2016 undercover officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit responded to a suspected prostitution ad posted to

The undercover officer was directed to go to room #124 at the Ramanda Inn in the 2200 block of S. Meridian Ave. in south Oklahoma City

Once the officer arrived, the woman inside the hotel allegedly offered to perform oral sex in exchange for $160. The woman was taken into custody and identified as Nelson.

While Nelson was being processed, additional undercover officers working surveillance identified a man and a woman outside the hotel that appeared to be acting as lookouts for Nelson.

Police detained Laughlin and a 19-year-old identified as Kierra Marie Johnson of Del City. 

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in this case, while searching Laughlin police found several pills, including Xanax. A further search of Laughlin's vehicle turned up methamphetamine and cash.

All three were booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

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On July 6, 2016 both Laughlin and Nelson were formally charged in Oklahoma County. Laughlin was charged with possession of meth, possession of criminal proceeds, possession of Xanax and aiding and abetting prostitution.

Nelson was charged with felony computer crimes, and engaging in an act of prostitution.

On Feb. 13, 2017 Nelson pleaded guilty to all of her charges and was sentenced to five-years in prison, one year in the county jail, $100 fine, $85 VCA, $80 DA fee, $150 DNA fee and court costs. 

On Nov. 7, 2017 Laughlin reached a plea deal with Oklahoma County assistant district attorney Meagan Taylor. In exchange for Laughlin's guilty plea, he was sentenced to two years-deferred, a $45 fine, plus fees and court costs.

Yes, you read that right, Nelson's pimp, who also had Xanax on him and meth in his vehicle, got a $45 fine and probation, while Nelson was sentenced to prison.


No criminal charges could ever been found for Johnson.

According to Laughlin's Facebook page, he attended John Marshal High School, now resides in Oklahoma City and is Facebook friends with his alleged co-conspirator Johnson.

As for Laughlin's prostitute, Nelson, she's still in prison in Enid.