Man previously convicted of multiple rapes in Oklahoma is convicted of sex trafficking a juvenile in Texas

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2/22/2018 - Dallas, TX -- A man who previously served prison time in Oklahoma for serial rapes, has been given a life sentence in Texas for the sex trafficking and sexual assault of a juvenile.

According to published reports, in July of 2015, 35-year-old Jason Daniel Strickland met a vulnerable 15-year-old female from Allen, Texas online. While grooming the girl, he had her take a photo of herself in her bra and underwear, while holding up a sign that said she belongs to Strickland.

According to court testimony, the girl had lived a sheltered life. She had been home-schooled and wasn't given a cell phone or access to social media until she turned 15. It was soon after she began exploring social media that she met Strickland and another man, Cuauhtemoc Munoz, 43, and an associate of Strickland's. Both of the men posed as 17-years olds when they communicated with the female juvenile online.

Eventually the girl agreed to runaway to live with Strickland. Munoz was to pick the juvenile up and take her to the bus station so that she could travel to Alabama to meet up with Strickland. However, Strickland had other plans for the teen and instructed her to first go with Munoz to a motel. Once there, Strickland communicated with the juvenile by phone and instructed her to perform specific sex acts upon Munoz. When Munoz was finished raping the young girl, Strickland inquired as to how she performed sexually. Munoz then dropped the juvenile off at the Greyhound Bus Station.

While in route to Alabama, the girl's father found Strickland's telephone number while trying to locate his daughter. The child's father called Strickland - causing Strickland to contact the girl and tell her not to come to him.

Law enforcement intercepted the juvenile in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Strickland was eventually arrested in Loveland, Colorado on a DWI charge and then extradited to Dallas County to face criminal charges.

Munoz pleaded guilty in 2016 to sexual assault and sex trafficking a child. Under a plea deal, Munoz only received a prison sentence of eight years.

On January 19, 2018 Strickland was convicted by a jury of child sex trafficking and sexual assault. Because of his prior felony conviction in Oklahoma for a series of serial rapes, Strickland was sentenced to life in prison.

Court records show that Strickland was convicted in Kay County, Oklahoma in 2006 of four counts of second degree rape and two counts of first degree rape. Strickland was given only seven years and six months for his crimes. Strickland was released from prison in Oklahoma in December of 2009.

At trial, Strickland's defense attorney argued that the female juvenile initiated the contact and that his client didn't entice or force the girl to do anything.

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