OKC Pimp Gregory Crawford Hospitalized After Being Shot in the Head. One suspect charged

5 Things You Need to Know

  1. 9/24/2018 convicted felon pimp and drug dealer 43-year-old Gregory K. Crawford Jr, aka “Pig”, was shot in the head while hiding in a bathroom at the Plaza Inn in south OKC.

  2. Also shot in the arm and chest was felon Kenneth Cole, 38.

  3. The shooter was identified as 38-year-old felon Thomas Andrew LeShore.

  4. LeShore was identified by Cole and arrested three days later after he approached a police officer on the street and the officer recognized him.

  5. Crawford is a longtime pimp and human trafficker that has a documented history on S. Robinson Ave.

10/15/2018 - OKC, OK — Notorious Oklahoma City felon pimp, drug dealer, and all around scum bag, Gregory Keith Crawford Jr, has been hospitalized after being shot in the head inside a motel room bathroom where he was cowering with another felon. A second individual was also shot and a suspect has been arrested and charged.

Crawford, who is known on the streets as “Pig”, was shot three weeks ago yesterday in room #136 at the Plaza Inn motel in south Oklahoma City (SE 29th and I-35). Crawford remains hospitalized in serious condition.

According to court records, during the evening hours of Monday Sept. 24, Crawford, 43, and other individuals were staying at the Plaza Inn when they got into a verbal argument with 38-year-old Thomas Andrew LeShore. The Plaza Inn is a low budget, drive up to your door motel, known to house degenerates of all types. The Plaza Inn gets a one-star rating on tripadvisor.com. Additionally, just last week JohnTV reported on a 16-year-old male that was arrested for sex trafficking a 15-year-old female out of the Plaza Inn.

Crawford posted the following photo publicly to his Facebook profile just hours before being shot.

©Facebook As posted publicly by Crawford to his Facebook profile just hours before he was shot.

Witnesses tell police that LeShore left the immediate area after the altercation. However, LeShore returned around 11:00 p.m. with a handgun and kicked in the door to room #136, where Crawford and others were inside. As LeShore entered the room, Crawford reportedly ran into the bathroom to hide (because everybody knows he’s only only ‘tough’ when he’s beating on or selling women).

Leshore immediately opened fire, striking 38-year-old felon Kenneth Antwon Cole Jr., aka ‘Cole Blooded,’ with one round that “entered his left bicep, exited into his chest and lodged in his spine.” LeShore then turned his attention to the bathroom.

Crawford Gregory and Cole Kenneth Mugshot Shooting victim 2018-09-24.jpg

LeShore reportedly approached the closed door and fired two times into and through the door. One round struck Crawford in the head and the other just missed another man who was laying down, hiding in the bathtub. That man has only been identified by his last name, Rikki.

As LeShore left the motel room, he turned and fired one more round at Cole.

Crawford was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Cole was transferred to the hospital with non life-threatening wounds.

©Facebook As posted publicly by Kenneth Cole to Facebook.

Two days later detectives were able to communicate with Cole in the hospital. Cole was reportedly unable to speak, due to a breathing tube, but wrote down the name “Thomas LeShore” on a notepad.

Further investigation showed that LeShore had been staying in room #161 at the Plaza Inn during this time. LeShore was also revealed to investigators as a felon. LeShore’s adult criminal record began when he was only 18-years-old with a guilty plea in 2000 for felony grand larceny. Around that same time, LeShore was convicted of felony concealing stolen property and possession of a firearm after former adjudication. In 2001 LeShore was convicted of forgery. In 2006 LeShore was convicted of Stalking. In 2007 LeShore was convicted of grand larceny, obstruction and drug possession in relation to a copper theft case. In 2012 LeShore was convicted of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia. Also in 2012, LeShore was convicted of shoplifting. In 2013, LeShore was convicted in another copper theft case. In 2016, LeShore was convicted of possession of meth. In 2017, LeShore was convicted again of felon in possession of a firearm.

LeShore was given a five-year prison sentence in the 2017 firearms case, but, as you can see, under Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s idea of justice, five-years and a laundry list of priors was barely even a year locked-up in reality (when the hell is Oklahoma gonna wake up and vote that turd out of office?).

Police arrested LeShore three days after the shooting after his dumb ass actually approached a police officer and started chit-chatting with him. The officer recognized LeShore from a previously issued BOLO (Be On the Look Out) and took him into custody.

LeShore Thomas Andrew Mugshot Shooting with Intent 2018-09-27.jpg

On Oct. 5th, LeShore was formally charged in Oklahoma County with felony burglary in the first degree, two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with the intent to kill. No mention why LeShore wasn’t charged with another felon in possession of a firearm count.

LeShore’s bond has been set at $150,000.

As of this posting, Crawford is still hospitalized in serious condition.

Cole is apparently recovering from his “mishap” (how he describes it), as evident in this Facebook posting dated October 2nd…

©Facebook As posted publicly by Kenneth Cole to his Facebook profile.

In case you’re wondering, Cole’s criminal resume includes; a 2005 conviction for possession of CDS, 2006 convictions for cocaine distribution and aggravated attempting to elude police, 2012 convictions for multiple auto thefts, meth possession and driving under suspension, 2015 convictions for driving under suspension, no insurance, burglary and shoplifting. Cole currently has cases for possession of CDS, drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, and auto theft.

Crawford’s criminal history includes; 1994 cases for cocaine trafficking, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession with intent and possession of a firearm while committing a felony, 1995 case for reckless conduct with a firearm, 1997 case for concealing stolen property, 2000 charges (along with his co-defendant father) for drug possession, and possession of a firearm in commission of a felony, 2006 conviction for distribution of ‘Turkey Dope,’ 2007 conviction for distribution of ‘Turkey Dope,’ aiding prostitution and obstruction, 2008 conviction for aiding prostitution, 2009 convictions for distribution of ‘turkey dope’, obstruction and driving under suspension, 2010 convictions for DUI, destruction of evidence and driving under suspension, 2011 conviction for concealing stolen property, 2015 convictions for drug possession, aiding and abetting a minor in criminal conduct, meth possession, criminal proceeds, marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.

JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates was interviewed by KWTV News9 regarding the shooting. You can read that interview at this link.

JohnTV will continue to follow this story. If you have any information, please share it in the comment section below or email JohnTV directly.

JohnTV has al long history with Crawford, aka Pig, and we’ve reported on him many times.

Below is a montage video of Crawford pimping young women on S. Robinson Ave. in south Oklahoma City. This video was recorded by Bates and posted to JohnTV…

In January of 2014, Bates received word that Crawford had moved into an upscale neighborhood in Oklahoma City. Public records indicated that Crawford was being allowed to live with a close relative who is a bishop in the city. Bates distributed fliers in the neighborhood alerting families to the danger Crawford presented. KWTV News 9’s Lisa Monahan reported on Bates’ efforts….