OKC cop, Christopher Shubert, charged with felony & Misdemeanor Crimes rumored to be Linked to prostitution

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3/20/2018 (updated 3/23/2018) - OKC, OK -- You Heard It Here First! An Oklahoma City police officer recently arrested and charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes is rumored to have been screening 'Johns' for a local high-end prostitute.

As widely reported last week, a 13-year veteran of the Oklahoma City police department, sergeant Christopher Daniel Shubert, was arrested and subsequently criminally charged with one count of felony computer crimes and one count of misdemeanor unlawful dissemination of confidential and privileged information. If convicted, Shubert faces up to five years in prison.

According to an Oklahoma City police spokesperson, "Sgt. Shubert utilized his authority as a police officer to utilize Oklahoma City department computer and OLETS to pull up a vehicle tag for somebody else. He used that information and provided it to an unauthorized source."

According to court records, Shubert, 41, was arrested last Thursday (3/15) and formally charged in Oklahoma County the next day. Shubert posted bond, was released from jail and immediately placed on paid administrative leave.

For reasons that have not been made clear, the Oklahoma City police department has been very guarded as to the details of Shubert's alleged criminal activity or the probable cause established to arrest and criminally charge him. So guarded in fact, police will not even acknowledge if their CI is male or female, nor the nature of their interaction.

Naturally this peaked JohnTV's curiosity so we began digging through court records to try and make sense of all the secrecy.

A quick perusal of online records revealed three related criminal filings and a very revealing divorce case all directly tied to Shubert.

Two of the criminal filings appear to be identical miscellaneous (MI) Application for Arrest Warrant (AAW) and the third is the formal filing of criminal charges. (You can read those documents at the bottom of this article)

The AAW is very telling from the start, as it is authored by Det. Ben Lacaze of the Oklahoma City police departments' Vice unit. This would seem to indicate that Shubert's alleged criminal activity was uncovered as part of a prostitution investigation.

According to the AAW, on Feb. 1 "the OCPD Vice Unit received information from a Confidential Human Source (CHS) advising that an Oklahoma City Police Officer, later identified as Christopher D. Shubert, provided him/her with registration information from a license plate he/she asked him to run for him/her." The resulting registration information was reportedly sent to the CHS from Shubert via text message.

On Feb. 7 investigators forensically examined the CHS's cell phone to confirm the allegations. Upon examination, investigators claim to have "found text messages from a text conversation that took place on 12/17/2017 between the CHS and a person utilizing a phone number that OCPD records associated with Shubert," according to the AAW.

The texts from Shubert reveal that he provided the CHS with a 3rd party's name and the vehicle's make and body type. Investigators then verified that Shubert had accessed a law enforcement database and research the vehicle registration in question on 12/17/2017.

The third record available at this time the formal felony criminal filing. Current that filing only contains the "Information Sheet" which lists the case number, defendant's name and the criminal charges (see bottom of this article).

The Information Sheet, while intentionally vague, is still very revealing.  For starters, the Attorney General's office is prosecuting the case. The normal chain of prosecution for something like this would be for police investigators to present the case to Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office for prosecution. The fact the AG's office now has it would seem to indicate one of three things; One, Shubert's arrest is a direct result of an ongoing investigative by the Oklahoma Attorney General's office. Two, OCPD presented charges to DA Prater and he refused to prosecute. Three, OCPD presented charges the DA's office and DA Prater had a conflict and had to recuse. Four, OCPD went around DA Prater's office and presented charges directly to the AG's office.

JohnTV knows for a fact that similar charges have been presented to DA Prater in the past and he declined to file because he acknowledged, as a former police officer, that patrol officers often run vehicle registration information for personal use - regardless of the law. 

Also of interest to JohnTV is that the last page of the Information Sheet lists the following "Witnesses Endorsed for the State of Oklahoma"; Det. Ben Lacaze and Lt. Doug Kimberlin - both veteran members of the Oklahoma City police department's Vice Unit.

Lt. Kimberlin's involvement (along with Det. Lacaze's) would strongly support the theory that Shubert's criminal activities involved prostitution (that, or, bacon infused vodka).

Another, possibly unrelated but definitely revealing document is contained in Shubert's 2015 divorce filing.

In a Answer and Counter-Petition filed on Apr. 7, 2015, Shubert's now-ex wife, who is employed as a teacher, claimed that her grounds for divorce were based on Shubert's alleged "adultery and fraud by way of extramarital affairs spanning from before the marriage began lasting through the entirety of the marriage until present with strangers he  met on Craigslist and dating websites, including adulterous activities while on duty as a police officer, and cruelty from ongoing physical and emotional abuse using his authority and position as a police officer, specifically as an investigator  in the Domestic Abuse Unit while participating in domestic abuse..." 

Armed with this information, JohnTV began contacting individuals who might be able to shed light on more details of Shubert's arrest and character (or lack thereof). On two occasions individuals friendly to JohnTV claimed that Shubert was running vehicle registration information for a local high-end prostitute and/or possibly a large organized prostitution ring. Shubert may have even been providing the information directly to pimps on the Oklahoma City area in exchange for sexual services. The information provided to the third part was allegedly to determine if  potential clients (aka, "Johns") were actually undercover police officers. This process is often referred to in prostitution circles as "screening."

JohnTV next checked to see if any women were booked into jail on Feb. 1 for prostitution related offenses - we found nothing. 

JohnTV cannot 100% verify this information, but we feel strongly that the information is credible - though specifics may change as more information becomes available.

Regardless, the details surrounding Shubert's charges should be made public in the coming days.

As a side note, this is not Shubert's first time to make the news. In 2005, Shubert shot and killed a man as he attempted to escape custody. 

According to court records, on Sept. 22, 2005 Shubert was guarding Eldon Dean Cooksey, 33, at Norman Regional Hospital. Cooksey had been admitted for numerous stab wounds and was wanted in connection to a series of home invasions.

Cooksey reportedly fled the E.R. and forced his way into an occupied parked car in the parking lot. As Cooksey struggled with the car's driver, Shubert opened fire, shooting Cooksey through the vehicle's windshield and fatally wounding him.

The shooting was ruled "justified."

JohnTV has spoke to several individuals who confirm Shubert's alleged extramarital affairs and physical and mental abuse. One source that asked to remain anonymous even claimed that Shubert and a couple of other Oklahoma City police officers maintained and shared the expenses of an apartment that they collectively rented for the sole purpose of engaging in sexual relationships with women. The same source claims Shubert was demoted and re-assigned to the Springlake Division after a questionable work injury claim (*JohnTV has not been able to independently verify this information).

JohnTV will continue to follow and update the latest allegations against Shubert.

If you have any information about Shubert's alleged involvement in prostitution or details surrounding his arrest, please contact JohnTV.

Below is a copy of the Information Sheet filed against Shubert...

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