OKC police officer, Alexander Edwards, charged with felony crimes related to prostitution receives deferred sentence

Five Things You Need To Know:

  1. Alexander 'Alex' Edwards is an 11-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Dept.
  2. Edwards' criminal activity was uncovered during the FBI's national anti-sex trafficking sting, dubbed Operation Cross Country.
  3. Edwards was identifying himself as an OKC police officer while soliciting commercial sex from Internet prostitutes.
  4. After soliciting sex from prostitute Kiana Mongi, Edwards informed Mongi about the current FBI sting and warned her to be careful not to get caught in it.
  5. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's office intervened numerous times to keep Edwards out of trouble; first by reducing his charges and bond and then by offering him a no jail deferred sentence he could eventually clear off his record.
  6. Edwards was required to resign from the Oklahoma City police dept. and not seek employment as a police officer elsewhere.
  7. Edwards now listed himself as the CEO and managing partner of Sampson-Sinclair Brokerage Firm


5/8/2018 - OKC, OK -- YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! An Oklahoma City police Lieutenant has pleaded guilty to felony crimes related to prostitution. Thanks to ongoing favors by District Attorney 'Hug-A-Thug' David Prater, Edwards was given a slap on the wrist in the form of probation. 

As previously reported by JohnTV, OCPD Lt. Alexander 'Alex' Sinclair Edwards, was arrested back in October of 2016. Edwards' arrest stemmed from the arrest of a female prostitute (Kiana Jamari Mongi) during an annual federal nationwide prostitution and human trafficking crackdown, known as Operation Cross Country (X).

Edwards reportedly contacted Mongi via text message, solicited commercial sex and warned Mongi of the current federal sting that was taking place in OKC in cooperation with local law enforcement.

Edwards was initially arrested on criminal complaints of conspiracy to commit a felony, felony computer crimes, obstruction of justice and aiding in prostitution. Edwards was immediately placed on administrative leave and the Oklahoma City Police Dept. released the following statement...

At some point DA Prater's office decided to start cutting Edwards break-after-break, starting with reducing his charges on Nov. 15, 2016 to two counts of felony computer crimes, soliciting prostitution and obstructing an officer in the performance of their official duties. This reduction in charges lowered Edwards' bond from $50,000 to a mere $8,000.

Regardless, if convicted, statutorily Edwards still faced up to five years in prison on the felony computer crimes alone.

Conveniently enough, while OCPD and the media made a big public splash when Edwards was arrested, neither made a peep when his case quietly came to an end last week. 

Last Wednesday, Edwards appeared before Oklahoma County Judge Bill Graves and pleaded guilty to all four counts. And how much time in prison was Edwards sentenced to? .... Zero, nada, zilch. In fact, Edwards was given a deferred sentence - which means he can eventually get this entire ordeal completely cleared off his record.

Edwards' formal sentence was five years deferred, plus court costs, a $200 fine (Oklahoma law allowed for thousands more in potential fines) $200 VCA, and completion of the Oklahoma City Veterans Diversion Program.

We can almost 100% guarantee DA Prater is going to claim that Edwards' light sentence is simply because his co-defendant (Mongi) went on the run and couldn't be compelled to testify against Edwards. Which sounds all well and good until you realize Mongi has an extremely public Facebook presence that tells you exactly where you can find her.

It should be noted, as JohnTV pointed out in a previous article, we have it on good authority that FBI agents wanted to conduct a sting on Edwards to catch him in the blatant act of soliciting and or aiding in prostitution, but were dissuaded by administrators within the Oklahoma City Police Dept. who wanted to handle this "internally."

According to Edwards, he was employed by the OKC police dept. from Nov. 2005 until May 2017. Lt. Edwards boasts that "[he] along with his father are the first father/son African-American supervisor legacy in the history of the Oklahoma City Police Department." Boy, I bet his father is so proud of him now!

Readers may recall that Edwards was also a person of interest to many who believe former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting black females on the city's NE side. In that case, one of Holtzclaw's accusers, Sherry Ellis, stated her attacker was a "short black man." Holtzclaw is 6' 2" tall and pale white in complexion. Edwards, on the other hand, is black, short and was patrolling an area just blocks from where Ellis claims she was sexually assaulted. Holtzclaw received the most number of years in prison, 62, based off of Ellis' allegations.

Below is a Factoid from HoltzclawTrial.com's website dedicated to educating the public on Holtzclaw's alleged wrongful conviction...

Holtzclaw Factoid Template.jpg

You can read more about Edwards' possible connection to the Holtzclaw case at this link.

Regarding Edwards' prostitution related activities; according to court records, Edwards had made contact with Kiana Jamari Mongi, 21, a known Internet prostitute, by sending her text messages. JohnTV has been told that the content of those text messages included Edwards identifying himself as an OKC police officer, a photo of himself, solicitation for prostitution related sexual contact and a warning that Operation Cross Country was in full effect and that she should take care not to get caught.

Apparently Mongi did not take heed to Edwards' warning and was soon thereafter arrested by local and federal agents after an undercover officer responded to Mongi's Backpage.com ad, as seen below...

Alex Edwards Backpage Kiana Mongi SPECIALS SpecialsSPECIALS ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Come keep me company 707-533-9997 SPECIALS TODAY-tonight!! - Oklahoma City escorts - backpage.com (20161017).jpg

While officers were processing Mongi, they found the text messages from Edwards on her cell phone. 

Lt. Edwards was called into police headquarters the next day and taken into custody. At the time of his arrest, Lt. Edwards was assigned to the Hefner Division and previously worked IMPACT and at the Springlake Division.

According to Edwards' Linkedin profile, he is now the CEO and managing partner for the Sampson-Sinclair Brokerage Firm. Ironically enough, the motto of the Sampson-Sinclair Brokerage Firm is "Bringing Character to Consulting." Apparently "character" is defined as a high ranking police officer who engages in felony prostitution and then warns criminals of current law enforcement investigations to help them avoid arrest.

Edwards currently resides at 1544 NW 23rd Place in Oklahoma City. This address is also listed in corporate paperwork for the Sampson-Sinclair Brokerage Firm. A photo of the residence, as it appears on Google Street View, is below...

As for Mongi (the hooker Edwards solicited and tipped off) she apparently fled Oklahoma as soon as she was criminally charged, back in 2016, and is now living in Clearlake California and is expecting her second child.

If you have any information on Edwards, please contact JohnTV.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.