OKC rapist, pimp, trafficker, sex offender Adrian Easlick faces prison once again - Will DA Prater give this monster another pass?


3/2/2018 - OKC, OK -- A notorious and violent Oklahoma City pimp and drug dealer, with a long criminal history, is once again charged in Oklahoma County with sexually assaulting women and forcing them into prostitution. In the past, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has neglected to see that Easlick served any meaningful prison time - will DA Prater give Easlick another pass?

Adrian Damon Easlick, 38, is in a situation he's found himself in many times - currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on numerous felony criminal charges.

On June 26, 2017 Easlick was charged in Oklahoma County with felony pandering (pimping) and aiding and abetting prostitution. These charges stem from Easlick's activities in March of 2017.

On Aug. 21, 2017 Easlick was charged in Oklahoma County with 11 counts of rape in the first degree and one count of forcible oral sodomy. All charges reportedly stem from Easlick's activities in July of 2017.

According to court records, the March 2017 incident was uncovered when officers with the Oklahoma City police department conducted a Internet prostitution sting and arrested 25-year-old Brittany Diane House for felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution. The arrest took place at the Budget Inn motel near NW 39th St. and N. Tulsa Ave. in NW Oklahoma City.

House Brittany Diane Mugshot Prostitute 2017-03-08.jpg

Upon further examination of House's three cell phones, it was discovered that House was being pimped by Easlick. Investigators wrote this about Easlick in their probable cause affidavit...

"Easlick is a known pimp who has been convicted of several felony crimes which includes; Rape in the Ist Degree, Forcible Oral Sodomy, Rape in the 2nd Degree, Pandering AFCF, Failure to Register As Sex OffenderAFCF, Possession of CDS with Intent (Cocaine), Possession of CDS with Intent (Marijuana}, and Possession of CDS in Presence of a Child. Easlick's DOC# is 525298."

Easlick's name, photo and contact information were saved on at least one of House's phones. The phone number attributed to Easlick came back to numerous online ads for prostitution. Additionally, on the day of House's arrest, House's text message history showed that Easlick had told her to "post an ad" several times. To which House replied, that she felt Easlick was only happy with her when she was making money for him.

House also text messaged Easlick and asked him if she should engage in prostitution with a 'John' for only $50. Easlick replied, "yea."

While House was being held at the Oklahoma County Jail, she contacted Easlick by phone. Easlick became angry when House admitted to police that she had children under the age of 18 - This angered Easlick because he is a registered sex offender and not allowed to associated with women who have minor children.

Also while on the recorded jail phone with Easlick, he asked House to see if any of her cell mates could be recruited to prostitute for him too.

House was formally charged in May of 2017 with one misdemeanor count of offering to engage in prostitution. House's case is still ongoing.

Easlick was formally charged in June with felony pandering and aiding and abetting prostitution. Easlick was released from custody, just days later, after posting a $4,500 bond (only $450 to a bondsman). In Nov. of 2017 Easlick's criminal case was bound over for trial. Easlick is next set to appear in court regarding this case on March 20, 2018.

Only four month's later and Easlick was once again accused of crimes against women.

According to court records, on July 21, 2017, Oklahoma City police were dispatched to a call from a 21-year-old woman who claimed she had been kidnapped from Texas and brought to an apartment in Oklahoma City - where she was held against her will and repeatedly raped. JohnTV is only going to refer to the woman as A.F.

A.F. told 911 that a black male had kidnapped and raped her. A.F. said the man had momentarily left the apartment and that she found a piece of mail with the address on it and needed officers to help her escape. Police responded to the Hudson apartments at 4025 N. Meridian in NW Oklahoma City.

When A.F. was interviewed she stated that she met her victimizer in Dallas at a Chevron gas station. A.F. said her attacker pulled up in a black Lexus and offered her a ride. A.F. said there was a white female named Brittany also in the car. A.F. said she was given something to drink and that immediately after drinking it she passed out.

When A.F. woke up she was inside the apartment. A.F. said the black male attacker vaginally and anally raped her numerous times.

A.F. told investigators that her attacker then told her she was his "bitch" now and told her she would be prostituting for him. A.F.'s attacker then told her he was going to take her to Nevada and pimp her out. A.F. said she asked to please use the phone and her attacker refused. A.F. said her attacker told her he had been a pimp for over 10-years.

At some point A.F.'s attacker stepped out of the apartment and that's when A.F. called 911. When police arrived, A.F.'s attacker was not there.

A.F. told police she only knew her attacker as "Adrian."

A search warrant executed on the apartment confirmed it belonged to Easlick. A.F. was also able to positively ID Easlick as her attacker in a photo lineup.

On Aug. 21, 2017, Easlick was officially charged with 11 counts of rape in the first degree and one count of forcible oral sodomy.

Easlick remains in custody and his bond has been set at $550,000.

Easlick Adrian Damon Mugshot Pimp 2017-08-11.jpg

Investigators also learned that Easlick did indeed have criminal ties to Nevada. 

Records revealed that Easlick was arrested in 2012 in Nevada for almost identical crimes; Kidnapping, pandering with force, pandering, coercion, transporting for the purpose of prostitution, living off the earnings of a prostitute and encouragement of a brothel.

The Nevada charges were dismissed because Easlick's victim, K.A., refused to testify. 

When Oklahoma City police located Easlick's Nevada victim, K.A., she told them she was "absolutely scared to death of Easlick" and that's why she refused to testify. She also told investigators that she had been kidnapped from Oklahoma City. K.A. told police that she met Easlick outside a OKC motel and that Easlick offered to give her a ride to her sister's house. 

K.A. knew she was in trouble when Easlick drove straight to WinStar Casino and told her he was going to pimp her out there.

K.A. told investigators that Easlick also told her the fed's were looking for him and that the last girl he pimped out was only 16 years old.

K.A. said she was also taken to Dallas. Investigators learned that K.A. was pimped out of a strip club that was across the street from the Chevron station where A.F. was later kidnapped from.

Investigators further learned that Easlick is being investigated in Alabama by their Human Trafficking Task Force for a case that is almost identical to the Oklahoma, Texas and Nevada cases.

As mentioned previously, Easlick has a long adult criminal history in Oklahoma County that started when he was only 24-years old.

In 2003 Easlick was charged in Oklahoma County with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.

In 2004 Easlick was charged in two separate cases with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, rape, forcible oral sodomy, rape in the 1st degree and rape in the 2nd degree.

In 2005 Easlick was charged in two separate cases for possession cocaine and possession of ecstasy.

On April 21, 2006, Easlick was offered a plea deal by Assistant District Attorney Gayland Geiger to clear up all five cases. As part of that plea deal, Easlick was sentenced to only 5-years in prison and 15-years suspended. Easlick was also required to register as a sex offender.

Back out on the streets, in Sept. of 2010, Easlick was charged in Oklahoma County with felony pandering and possession of marijuana from an incident occurring the month before.

In Oct. of 2010, Easlick was arrested in Payne County, Oklahoma with a 19-year- old female. Easlick was initially charged charged in Dec. of 2010 with misdemeanor prostitution. That charge was dismissed and refiled as felony pandering in June of 2011. That charge however was dismissed in Sept. of 2011 after his victim refused to testify. 

You can read an article about this incident by the Stillwater News Press at this link.

In March of 2011 Easlick was arrested with a woman named Joy Shannon Renee Knapp. Knapp and Easlick were charged with possession of CDS in the presence of a child under 12-years-old. Easlick was also charged with driving without a valid driver's license.


In May of 2012 Ealsick's pimping, sex trafficking and drug dealing almost came to an end - not by the hands of the judicial system, but instead by the hands of a S. Robinson Ave. street prostitute. According to witnesses, around 10:30 p.m. Easlick began driving by and repeatedly harassing a street prostitute near SW 43 and S. Robinson Ave. The female claimed Easlick was trying to recruit her to prostitute for him and eventually began threatening her when she said "no". In response, the female threw a bottle and struck Easlick's vehicle. Easlick parked, got out and began to attack the female. While Easlick was holding the female down, she produced a knife and began stabbing Ealsick. Easlick, writhing in pain and bleeding profusely, retreated back to his vehicle.

Easlick then drove himself to Southwest Medical Center to seek medical care.

When questioned by police, Easlick told them he was attacked while simply stopped at a gas station. Easlick would not give police any details and was uncooperative - most likely because he knew he was facing assault charges because his attacker was merely defending herself (that and he just got his pimp ass kicked by a woman). 

You can read KWTV News9 story about this incident at this link.

In Aug. of 2012 EasLick was arrested and charged with misdemeanor aiding and abetting prostitution.

In Sept. of 2012 Easlick was set to plea on his 2010 pandering charge. Word has it, DA Prater's office was going to agree to only one year in jail. Unfortunately for Easlick, he missed that court date in Oklahoma County, because he was sitting in a Nevada jail regarding the kidnapping case of we mentioned above.

While being held in Nevada, Oklahoma could have placed a hold on him and had him extradited back to our state on his numerous felony warrant. For whatever reason, that was never done and Ealsick was released after his Nevada sex trafficking victim became too afraid to testify against him.

On Valentine's Day 2013, Easlick violated the terms of his sex offender registry status and was charged with felony failure to comply.

In March of 2013, Easlick was pulled over in Tampa, FL and arrested for driving without a license. This time Oklahoma did decide to extradite him back. At the time of his arrest, Easlick reportedly had a young woman in his car that law enforcement believe he was prostituting.

In July of 2013 Easlick once again reached a plea deal with DA Prater's office on eight separate felony criminal cases. Despite Easlick's lengthy and violent history, DA Prater's office allowed him to be sentenced to only nine-years in prison.

Easlick barely served three-and-a-half of his nine year sentence before being released again.

Literally within a month of being released, Easlick was caught once again - this time prostituting Brittany House - as mentioned at the top of this story. Four months after that Easlick had kidnapped and raped A.F. with the intention of also sex trafficking her.

Easlick is still being held on a $550,000 bond as of this publication. Easlick's next court appearance is set for March 20, 2018 at 9 a.m. for a pretrial conference. Easlick is being prosecuted once again by ADA Gayland Geiger - the same ADA that agreed to a mere five-year prison term for Easlick back in 2006 on five separate criminal cases.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

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