JohnTV Exclusive - Sen. Ralph Shortey and the "Tilley" connection

3/16/2017 - Moore, OK -- Earlier today JohnTV reported on the Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey political implosion - later we provided information from the probable cause affidavit - that all began when he was confronted inside a Moore low budget motel room with a teenage boy. Allegedly Sen. Shortey's intention was to engage in prostitution related sexual intercourse with the teen. JohnTV has just uncovered evidence that Sen. Shortey maintained a super secret Facebook profile using an alias referenced in the alleged teen sexcapade police report.

A quick recap: In JohnTV's original article we posted the original Moore police report. The report basically states that Sen. Shorty texted a 17-year old boy, that he had known for about a year, and engaged in a conversation where he offered cash to the teen in exchange for a sexual encounter. Around midnight Sen. Shortey drove to the teen's home, picked him up and took him to room #120 of the Motel 8 in Moore.

A family member witnessed the teen being picked up and going into the motel room. The teen's father was then contacted and he in turn called police and was waiting for them in the motel parking lot.

Sen. Shortey reportedly did not want to open the motel room door for police and claimed he was alone.

When Sen. Shortey did finally open the door the teen boy stepped out. The teen reportedly admitted the two had marijuana and police found an open box of condoms and a bottle of lotion.

Also mentioned in the report were two apparent alias's; "Brian" and "Jamie Tilley."

"Brian" appears in the report when police asked the teen "why he was there in the hotel room" and the teen indicated he was just hangiing out with his friend "Brian" (see excerpt below).

The alias "Jamie Tilley" appears later in the police report when they reference an electronic communication they found on a Kindle device at the scene. The conversation is reported to have been between the teen and someone using the name "Jamie Tilley." Based on the time stamp and context of the conversation, it appears "Jamie Tilley" is actually Sen. Ralph Shortey and that Sen. Shortey was soliciting sexual contact with the teen.

Further proof of this connection was recently uncovered exclusively by JohnTV's creator (and Oklahoma licensed private investigator) Brian Bates.

While researching public information on Sen. Shortey, Bates located 'Candidate Information' posted to A profile specific to Sen. Shortey provided details such as his office number, home address, email address, etc.

Bates took Shortey's published phone number and typed it into Facebook's search feature. What-do-you-know, Sen. Shortey's official office phone number is associated as the unpublished contact number for a Facebook profile under the name "Brian Tilley." The account is locked down from public view, but the phone number association is pretty damning proof that Shortey himself created the profile.

Bates immediately contacted the Moore Police Department and forwarded this information so that they can pursue a court order for Facebook to preserve the content of this specific Facebook profile.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.