Backpage Hooker and her Pimp Avoid Jail After Pleading Guilty to Kidnapping & Robbing 'John'

11/1/2017 - OKC, OK -- An Internet hooker and her pimp avoid prison after pleading guilty to kidnapping and robbing a 'John' at knife point.

As previously reported by JohnTV, Alysia Cheyenne Proctor, 20, and Jonathan Nozilion Johnson, 39, were arrested on Oct. 31, 2016 after a 'John' called 911 to report that his Internet prostitution rendezvous turned into a kidnapping and robbery.

Proctor Alysia Cheyenne Mugshot Prostitute 2016-10-31.jpg

According to court records, an unidentified male ('John') responded to a prostitution ad posted to Backpage,com. The 'John' said he met Proctor at a Del City Motel 6 and paid her $40 for oral sex.

When Proctor finished engaging in prostitution, Johnson, known on the streets as 'Lil Bang', entered the motel room brandishing a knife.

Johnson Jonathan Nozilion Mugshot Pimp 2016-10-31.jpg

Johnson demanded the 'John' hand over his ATM card and his password. Proctor then took the 'John's' debit card, drove to a nearby ATM and withdrew $300.

When proctor returned, she and Johnson told the 'John' to leave - obviously confident in the fact the 'John' probably would not call police. They thought wrong. 

On Nov. 9, 2016 formal criminal charges were filed. 

Proctor and Johnson were charged with kidnapping, felony computer crimes, possession of a stolen credit card, and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

The case against Proctor and Johnson came to a conclusion in Sept. of this year.

The kidnapping charge was dismissed against Proctor and the robbery was lowered to larceny from an individual at night as part of her plea agreement.

Despite the violent and brazen nature of the crimes committed by Proctor and Johnson, neither was sentenced to any prison time.

Proctor received 10-years probation, a $150 fine and court fees.

Johnson was given 20-years of probation - even though he has an extensive criminal resume that includes; burglary in the second degree, possession of cocaine, drug distribution, concealing stolen property and possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number.