Former University of Oklahoma football player arrested for prostituting former OU cheerleader

UPDATE: 4/11/2017 - Criminal charges have officially been filed against both Parker and Moore.

L.J. Moore Charges:

1.) Pandering (pimping)

2.) Felony computer crimes (using a computer to post prostitution ads)

3.) Possession od CDS with intent to distribute.

4.) Possession of criminal proceeds.

5.) Aiding and abetting prostitution.

6.) Possession of CDS without prescription.

7.) Possession of CDS.


Micah Parker Charges:

1.) Felony computer crimes.

2.) Possession od CDS with intent to distribute.

3.) Possession of criminal proceeds.

4.) Engaging in prostitution.

5.) Destruction of evidence.

6.) Possession of CDS without prescription.

7.) Possession of CDS.

4/4/2017 - Oklahoma City, OK -- A former University of Oklahoma football player has been arrested for allegedly pimping out his girlfriend - who is a former OU Sooner's cheerleader.

We were the first to break this story, as it was developing, last Thursday on JohnTV's Facebook page...

JohnTV Micah Parker Original Facebook Post

JohnTV initially only reported on the arrest of 23-year-old Micah Madison Parker because she was arrested for prostitution and drugs the day before her pimp - former OU Sooner defensive back Lawrence Charles Moore (aka, L.J. Moore). Moore was arrested after he was recorded talking to Parker (during a jail phone call) and implicating himself in her prostitution activities.

Here is the timeline of events;

According to court records (see below), last Wednesday evening, members of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Human Trafficking Unit were conducting a prostitution sting on OBN officers were being assisted by members of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit.

An undercover officer replied to an ad on Parker allegedly instructed the officer to meet her at her hotel room at the Sonestas ES Suites at 4361 W. Reno in NW Oklahoma City. 

After the undercover officer arrived, he was reportedly met by Parker, who agreed to perform specific sexual activities in exchange for $200.

As the undercover officer was reportedly identifying himself and trying to place Parker under arrest, Parker began tossing multiple cellular phones into the toilet.

Once Parker was restrained, officers searching Parker's hotel room found two burnt marijuana 'roaches', $130 in cash and a bottle containing what investigators suspected was codeine.

Parker was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail where she is currently being held on criminal complaints of offering to engage in prostitution, felony computer crimes, two counts of possession of CDS, possession of criminal proceeds and destruction of evidence.

Parker's bond has been set at $23,500.

Micah Parker Mugshot Prostitution

After posting the original article regarding Parker's arrest, JohnTV received a flood of emails - mostly Micah's cheer minions pissed off that JohnTV had reported on her arrest. We even received an email from Parker's mother (see below). However, a few emails were from concerned friends of Parker's who wanted to share that they believed she was being pimped out by her boyfriend, L.J. Moore.

JohnTV did some digging and we found where a Lawrence Charles Moore had been arrested the day after Parker. So, JohnTV headed downtown to the court clerk's office and pulled the paperwork on the arrest.

According to the probable cause affidavit, just hours after Parker's arrest, detectives analyzed Parker's social media accounts (see links at bottom of this article) and identified Moore, 22, as Parker's boyfriend and pimp. 

Detectives received further evidence against Moore during recorded jail telephone calls placed by Parker to Moore. According to investigators, Moore admitted during those calls he was involved in renting the hotel room and that some of his personal items were inside the room - his underwear. 

Moore was arrested as he tried to retrieve Parker's car from the hotel parking lot.

Lawrence Parker PCA Pimping

Moore is currently being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on criminal complaints of aiding and abetting prostitution, pandering, possession of CDS, possession of marijuana and possession of criminal proceeds. Moore's bond has been set at $41,500.

According to a handwritten note at the bottom of Moore's probable cause affidavit, Moore is a convicted felon out of Fresno for "inflicting corporal injury to spouse."

Lawrence Moore Mugshot

Online records show that Lawrence Charles Moore, who goes by L.J. Moore, was a  4-star cornerback recruit from Central East High School in Fresno, California. Moore joined the Sooners in 2013 as a defensive back. Moore reportedly only played in two of 13 games with the Sooners before (according to sources - unconfirmed) being cut when he refused to take a drug test. Also (according to sources - unconfirmed), OU coach Bob Stoops called Parker's parents to warn them about the dangers of their daughter dating Moore.

Parker, who's father was a local lawyer until he was disbarred in 2015, herself pleaded guilty in 2015 in Cleveland County to misdemeanor DUI (alcohol) and driving under suspension. A possession of marijuana charge was dismissed as part of her plea deal. Parker was on probation and had a warrant for her arrest for revocation for that guilty plea when she was arrested for prostitution.

As we previously mentioned, JohnTV also received a message from Parker's mother, Barbie Mason Parker. Parker listed her occupation (on her now unpublished Facebook profile) as a current realtor and former cheer coach for the University of Oklahoma. Obviously, as the mother of a young lady who has been arrested for prostitution and drugs, she was none-too-happy with JohnTV's coverage of Parker's arrest...

Barbie Parker Facebook Message

JohnTV feels it's important to note five things regarding Barbie Parker's message..... One, nobody close to those we report on is ever very happy with our coverage. Two, when Parker's mother sent us the above message, neither she nor Parker's father had been identified by name. Three, we didn't arrest parker - law enforcement did and that created the public record. Four, because Parker's arrest is a public record it has now been widely reported by numerous media outlets (not just JohnTV). Five, we'd argue that it's Parker's drug use, prostitution activities, arrest and really bad choices that most likely "devastated" your family and not the mere fact the public record was reported.

Here's a tip Parker family, stop worrying about how perfect you look on social media and instead worry about your daughter's reality, the good for nothing pimp that is selling her to as many strangers a day he can and how in the world Parker seems to be okay with all of this.

Parker is apparently (according to sources - unconfirmed) telling family and friends (from jail) that this is all just a big misunderstanding and that she hasn't been selling herself to strangers for sex -- No, instead she insists she's just luring them to her hotel room and robbing them! 

Believe it or not, JohnTV has actually heard this excuse before (lots of times). For some reason, some people think the whole 'Bonnie & Clyde' cover story is better than the pimp and hoe reality.

JohnTV will continue to follow this story.

If you have any information on this case or Moore's other criminal activity, please contact JohnTV!

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