OKC cop previously recorded by JohnTV beating a 'John' pleads guilty to feloniously attacking his girlfriend

3/15/2017 - Mustang, OK -- A once celebrated Oklahoma City police officer, who was previously caught on video by JohnTV beating a prostitution suspect (see video bottom of this article), recently himself pleaded guilty to a violent assault upon his then girlfriend and other crimes.

JohnTV first reported on this incident in 2015.

Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gregory 'Greg' Douglas Driskill was arrested in May of 2015 after a brief standoff with multiple law enforcement agencies at his Mustang residence in the 700 block of East Olivia Terrace.

Mustang police were first called to the scene after Driskill's girlfriend called 911 claiming he was attacking her.

Oklahoma City police were also asked to assist after it was learned Driskill, a 16-year veteran with the OKC police department, was armed and acting unstable.

Video from the scene shows that officers with pistols and assault rifles drawn eventually made forced entry into Driskill's home. Driskill was then placed under arrest and transported to the Mustang Municipal Jail - where he posted bond and was released.

According to court records, on April 30, Driskill allegedly got into a heated argument with his then girlfriend, Amy Brooke Wicker. According to Wicker, the two argued about an upcoming vacation. Public records show that Driskill's former wife had filed for divorce from him the month before. Driskill had been married for 20-years and the two had children together. Records also show that in 1999 Driskill's then wife filed for a Victim's Protective Order against him in Garfield County. The divorce was granted on May 18 - just 17-days after Driskill's arrest for attacking his girlfriend.

Wicker claims that during the argument, Driskill produced his service revolver, put it to her head and threatened to shoot her.

Wicker claims the argument continued off and on until it escalated again on the morning of Driskill's arrest - May 1, 2015. Wicker told investigators that around 7 A.M. Driskill began threatening to shoot himself. Soon thereafter, Driskill reportedly pushed Wicker, causing her to fall and hit her back on the edge of the master bathtub - leaving Wicker noticeably bruised.

Wicker fled Driskill's residence and called 911 around 10 A.M.

A news report shown locally on KOCO News5 (see below) shows the law enforcement presence that responded to Wicker’s call and contains audio from a neighbor of Driskill’s that claims loud fighting can often be heard coming from Driskill’s home.

Later that same day, the Oklahoma City Police Department released a formal statement acknowledging Driskill's arrest and announcing he had been placed on administrative leave (aka, paid vacation). 

On July 10, 2015 Driskill was formally charged in Canadian County with feloniously pointing a firearm and domestic abuse.

On Sept. 1, 2015 Wicker filed for and was granted a Victim's Protective Order against Driskill.

Driskill's legal problems only got worse, when on Jan. 5, 2016 he was charged in Canadian County with felony intimidation of a witness and stalking.

This year, on of all day's Valentine's Day, Driskill pleaded 'no contest' to the firearm charge and 'guilty' to the domestic abuse charge. Driskill was sentenced to five-years in prison (suspended) for count one and one-year in the county jail (suspended) for count two. 

At the same time, Driskill also pleaded 'no contest' to the witness intimidation charge and was sentenced to five-years in prison (suspended).

The stalking charge was dismissed as part of his plea agreement.

All sentences were ordered to be served concurrently (at the same time).

Thankfully for the public and his victim, Driskill's crimes didn't occur in Oklahoma County, where he served as a police officer for 16-years. Had Driskill unlawfully pointed a gun under Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's watch, he most likely would have only received a misdemeanor deferred sentence - like DA Prater gave to Oklahoma City police sgt. Cecil Moss on Mar. 21, 2016 after he illegally pointed his revolver at three people inside a car (including his grandchild and son-in-law) while off-duty.  In that case, Moss pleaded guilty and only received a misdemeanor deferred sentence he may eventually expunge from his record.

Below is Driskill's new Oklahoma Department of Corrections mugshot and information (looks like he's gotten a little soft and pudgy while on OCPD paid vacation)...

Followers of JohnTV will recognize the name Greg Driskill as one of the two police officer’s video taped by JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates conducting a violent arrest of a ‘John’ in July of 2002.

That video can be seen below.

In that case, the Oklahoma County DA's office ruled that Driskill had not broken the law when he pummeled suspect Donald Pete with his baton.