Break in the Carina Saunders murder/dismemberment case? Search warrant of suspect's home released.

5/15/2017 - OKC, OK -- Authorities have released a recent search warrant (see bottom of this article) directly related to the 2011 murder and dismemberment of 19-year-old Carina Saunders.

Readers will recall that Saunders' body was found in a duffel bag behind a Homeland grocery store in Bethany. More than five years later, investigators still have not identified her murderer.

Almost since the day her body was found, the media has been forwarding rumors that Saunders' murder was somehow tied to human sex trafficking. Specifically, that Saunders' gruesome murder was an intentional act to send a warning to others within the trafficking ring to stay quiet and to do what they are told.

Those rumors were bolstered by individuals who claimed that Saunders' murder was video recorded on a cell phone and that they have seen the video.

Police reports even detail a possible location for Saunders' murder - a home near SW 34th and S. Robinson Ave. that was later learned to have been professionally demolished the day Saunders' body was found.

While investigators have identified possible suspects, nobody has been convicted of the crime.

On April 18th of this year, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations were granted a search warrant for a cell phone and memory card belonging to a possible suspect in Saunders' murder.

The contents of the search warrant reveal graphic details of Saunders' murder and potential evidence located, buried in the yard of a possible suspect.

According to the search warrant; Saunders' body was found on Oct. 11, 2011 on the west side of the Homeland grocery store in the 7100 block of NW 23rd., in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Saunders' body was dismembered and placed in a duffel bag. Listed as missing from the bag - and yet to be found - were Saunders' feet, hands, forearms, left breast, clothing and personal effects.

Investigators state that shortly after Carina Saunders' body was found, they interviewed a relative of Saunders, named Kathryn Bloodworth. Bloodworth reported that she had been with Saunders at a Taco Bell shortly before she was killed.

Investigators claim that Bloodworth told them that Saunders had "a friend named Kenny and she [Saunders] wanted Kenny to 'pimp her out' for sex." Investigators even claim that Bloodworth told them Saunders admitted to her that "Kenny had created a nude video of her [Saunders] to post on the Internet."

"Kenny" was later identified as Kenneth 'Kenny' Richards (see below).

Kenny Richards (Facebook 2016)

Kenny Richards (Facebook 2016)

Richards reportedly admitted to picking up Saunders at the Taco Bell near I-40 and Rockwell Ave.

Richards claims he hung out with Saunders for a while before dropping her off at some apartments in the 2500 block of Rockwell Ave. in Bethany.

Richards reportedly denied the prostitution and video allegations made by Bloodworth.

On Feb. 13, 2013, the OSBI received an anonymous tip that Saunders' clothing was buried in a metal "tank" near the well at Richards' then home, located at 504 1/2 Oakdale Drive in Oklahoma City (near NW 19th and Macarthur) and that Kenny Richards placed the clothing there.

Oklahoma County Assessor records show that Richards owned the home from Feb. 1995 through June 2012.

The tipster also claimed that Richards' cell phone contained a copy of the video of Saunders' murder and that the cell phone was in Richards' car at the time of the tip. Investigators reveal they have been unable to locate Richards' car from that time period.

On April 10, 2017 a search was conducted of the Oakdale Drive residence and property. While investigators did not find a 'buried tank' they did locate an object that resembled a metal septic tank in the front yard. Inside that tank was a shirt, jacket and sandals - along with other trash and debris.

Media reports list a "folding knife" as being found during the search also.

Investigators learned that a cell phone belonging to Richards was confiscated during a Nov. 2016 methamphetamine drug arrest and that the phone was still in custody.

While the phone was being examined, a photo of Carina Saunders was found.

According to media reports, the OSBI is continuing to forensically examine Richards' cell phone and looking for DNA on the items of clothing and knife found.

Below are excerpts from the search warrant referenced in this article.