OKC man pleads guilty to attempting to sex traffic teen. Receives 5-years in prison

9/25/2016 - OKC, OK -- An Oklahoma City drug dealer, who tried to sex traffic a Tulsa teen, pleads guilty in federal court and is sentenced to five years in prison. 

According to court records, in February of last year, 26-year-old William Jeffrey Johnson Jr. tried to lure what he thought were two underage girls into prostituting themselves for his financial benefit. In reality, the two girls were actually undercover police officers with the Tulsa Police Department's Vice Unit that had posted a faux prostitution ad looking to catch would-be 'Johns.'

It all started after Johnson spotted this ad on Backpage.com and responded to it...

Around 10 p.m. Johnson replied to the LE authored prostitution ad and inquired if ‘London’ was solo or single. The undercover officer indicated that she was only 16 and had a friend with her that was 15. You can read the entire text conversation at the bottom of this article.

Johnson then asked if the two young girls were “looking for a pimp or a handsome man who had his head on straight.”

When the undercover female officer indicated she was still in school, Johnson replied “If you are in school how will you work every day and make the money we need?” Johnson then encouraged the girl to drop out of school because she could make more money.

Johnson told the girls he would help them get their GED if they dropped out and would buy them a car.

Johnson later asked if the girl’s mother would be likely to call the cops.

Johnson told the girl she had to make at least $300 a day to pay his bills and that he preferred if she made $1,000 each day.

Johnson sent the undercover officer his name and photograph via text.

Johnson then made arrangements to meet the two young girls at a Tulsa motel around 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 5.

When Johnson showed up at a Tulsa motel, he was taken into custody by uniformed officers waiting in the bathroom.

William J. Johnson Jr. being taken into custody by Tulsa Vice.

Click here to see exclusive video from NewsOn6.com of Johnson being arrested.

Just a week later, Johnson was formally charged in Tulsa County with felony pandering and solicitation of a minor through electronic means.

Less than a month later the state charges against Johnson were dismissed so that prosecution could be pursued in Federal Court - Johnson was criminally charged with one count of coercion and enticement, one count of sex trafficking in children and one count of interstate trafficking and racketeering.

Oklahoma County records show that Johnson has received three deferred sentences on two different cases involving drug dealing in Oklahoma City (link to case one | link to case two) prior to his trafficking in children charges. In fact, Johnson was arrested just one day after his five-year Oklahoma County probation ended.

In May of this year, Johnson pleaded guilty to count one of the federal child trafficking indictment.

Earlier this month Johnson was formally sentenced in federal court to five-years in prison.

While this may seem like a light sentence, you should keep in mind that Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has a well documented history of being extremely lenient on men who abuse women and children by sexually trafficking them. In one recent case, DA David gave a man who admitted to the sex trafficking of a pregnant 16 year old just probation and no formal criminal record - that man went on to try to shoot and kill police officers just a few months after DA Prater gave him a free pass.

Johnson has been ordered to report to prison no later than Oct. 25th. 

Online records show that Johnson lists a home address in the 3800 block of Penny Drive in Oklahoma City (Midwest City).

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