OKC man suspected of sex trafficking teen who was in DHS custody at the time

UPDATE: On April 21, 2017 Tiadrian Jiyquan Freeman, 21, was formally charged in Oklahoma County with human trafficking, transporting a child under 18 for the purpose of prostitution, child abuse and manufacturing child porn.

9/20/2016 - OKC, OK -- A Oklahoma teen, reportedly under DHS custody, was allegedly prostituted by an OKC man who is now wanted on suspicion of sex trafficking the youth.

According to court records, local turd Tiadrian J. Freeman, 21, met his 16-year-old victim and began prostituting her after she ran away in Tulsa. The teen victim is reportedly from the Jenks area and was in DHS custody at the time. It is not known if the teen ran away from a private residence or youth facility.

The teen's victimization was first reported in July after a citizen called the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics' human trafficking hotline. The caller stated that she saw the teen loitering in the area of NW 10th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. in Oklahoma City. The caller said she used to be a neighbor of the teen's and that she was concerned because she said it appeared the teen was engaging in street prostitution. The caller also noted that the teen was being watched closely by a black male who was very near her and appeared to be making the teen nervous.

Law enforcement confirmed that the teen was a "runaway from Jenks ... and reported to be residing in the NW 10th and Blackwelder area in OKC." Law enforcement also noted that the teen was "at the time in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Tulsa Office."

The teen was not seen again until late Aug. after a private investigator provided law enforcement with a tip as to the teen's location. This time the teen was seen apparently engaging in street prostitution while be watched over by two black males.

Later that same day, the teen was spotted by a patrol officer and placed in investigative detention. The officer was instructed to transport the teen to Children's Hospital and wait until DHS officials arrived to take custody of the young girl.

While reportedly being interviewed by law enforcement and DHS, the teen revealed that Freeman was "directing her to perform commercial sex acts" throughout Oklahoma City.

Freeman as posted publicly to Facebook in 2014.

The teen said Freeman made her engage in two to three sex acts with 'Johns' each day and was told to charge $20-$30 each time. The teen said that Freeman would always be with her on the streets, would direct her on which 'Johns' to have sex with and then Freeman would take all of her money. The teen stated that Freeman also had sex with her multiple times each day.

The teen also reportedly told investigators that Freeman had recently choked her and punched her in the nose with a closed fist. Court records indicate that the teen showed visible signs of physical abuse.

The teen showed investigators where Freeman had forced her to tattoo his name onto her lower back.

The teen reported that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 after being raped at a residence in Tulsa.

The teen revealed horrific details about being gang raped at gun point by five to six males. The rape was videotaped and posted online.

The teen turned over to police two cellular phones in her possession to aid in their investigation of Freeman.

On Aug. 30, a miscellaneous criminal filing and warrant for arrest was issued against Freeman in Oklahoma County.

As of this posting, no formal criminal charges have been filed.

In 2014 Freeman was charged in Oklahoma County with two counts of felony robbery with a firearm. Those charges were dismissed in Jan. of this year.

If you know where Freeman is, please call 911 and reference case number MI-16-862.

If you or someone you know is possibly a victim of human trafficking, please call the OBNDD human trafficking tip line at 855-617-2288.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

Details Regarding Suspect Freeman:

Name: Tiadrian J. Freeman
DOB: June 2, 1995
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Gang Affiliation: Unknown. Prior social media posts insinuate gang involvement. 
Residence: Has ties to the Lubbock, Texas area. Freeman has prior residence in Oklahoma City in the 2100 block of N. Prospect Ave. Freeman (possibly using a fake DOB) may have also listed an address in the 3700 block of NW 28th as his residence during a traffic stop in 2013.

Social Media Presence: Freeman maintains a Facebook profile. As of this posting, his last post was on Aug. 27, 2016. According to Freeman's publicly available Facebook page; he attended NW Classen High School, is originally from Lubbock, TX and is single. Freeman indicates he has a child.