California sex offender, Steven Gordon, found guilty of the serial kidnappings & murder of 4 prostitutes; Including OKC mother Jarrae Estepp

UPDATE: 12/22/2016 - The jury has recommended that Steven Gordon receive the death penalty for his crimes.

12/19/2016 - Santa Ana, CA -- Registered sex offender Steven Gordon was found guilty of the serial kidnappings and murders of four street prostitutes he, and co-defendant Franc Cano, solicited in the Aneheim area. One of Gordon and Cano's victims, Jarrae Estepp, was an Oklahoma street prostitute, and young mother, that was well known to JohnTV.

According to court records and a recorded confession by Gordon, 45, he and Cano, 27, kidnapped, raped and murdered the women from 2013 to 2014. 

All of their alleged victims were working as street prostitutes when they were killed. The victims have been identified as Kianna Jackson, 20, Josephine Vargas, 34, Martha Anaya, 28, and Jarrae Estepp, 21. 

Registered sex offender & convicted serial murderer Steven Gordon.

Registered sex offender & convicted serial murderer Steven Gordon.

Gordon also claims that the duo killed a fifth woman who has yet to be identified.

The only body that has been recovered is that of Estepp.

Estepp, from Lawton Oklahoma, had spent several months in Oklahoma City in 2011 and 2012 and was video recorded several times by JohnTV's creator Brian Bates.

Jarrae Estepp soliciting along S. Robinson Ave. in S. Oklahoma City in 2012.

You can read more about Estepp and her murder at this link.

Gordon and Cano were identified as serial murders after Estepp's nude and mangled body was found in an Anaheim recycling center after being discarded into a dumpster the night before.

Both Gordon and Cano were registered sex offenders who were often required to wear GPS enabled ankle monitors.

The duo lived in an RV behind an automotive shop in an industrial area.

It is there that they would bring each of their victims, rape them and then murder each woman before throwing their bodies in the trash.

Estepp was Gordon and Cano's last victim. A series of gruesome text messages between Gordon and Cano showed that Gordon was hesitant to kill Estepp but eventually gave in.

When interrogated by police, Gordon gave a 12-hour interview wherein he confessed and provided details about each of the murders - insisting on talking about them chronological order.

Gordon and Cano are to be tried separately with Gordon's trial having started on Nov. 16 and ended on Dec. 15.

Steven Gordon representing himself in trial. Photo by Sam Gangwer, Orange County Register.

You can read an overview of each day of Gordon's trial at this link.  

Gordon, representing himself, maintained throughout the trial that while he was responsible for taking part in the murders, that ultimately Cano and the probation department were to blame for the deaths.

Gordon told jurors that he was simply following Cano's lead and that had probation officers more closely monitored his and Cano's activities the murders could have been avoided.

Gordon claimed that his actions were the result of rage towards 'the system' and his ex-wife - whom Gordon had previously been convicted of kidnapping.

Gordon became a registered sex offender after being convicted of sexually abusing a young nephew.

Gordon now faces the death penalty.

Check back here for updates on Gordon's sentencing.

(UPDATE: 12/21/2016 the jury recommends the death penalty)

JohnTV will cover Cano's trial in a separate article.