OKC Vice arrest The "Lollipop John" - Tinker Airman busted in hooker sting with large pink lollipop

UPDATE: Ryan Chounard was officially charged in Oklahoma County with felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.

10/6/2016 - OKC, OK -- The list of items 'Johns' bring with them to meet up with a prostitute is fairly predictable; condoms, sex toys, cash, alcohol, marijuana and so on. However, according to a recent arrest in south Oklahoma City, a 26-year-old Tinker Airman brought with him a large pink lollipop and it was actually seized as evidence.

Back on Aug. 4, members of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Vice Unit posted a faux hoe ad onto Backpage.com in hopes of attracting some would-be 'Johns.'

It wasn't long before 26-year-old Ryan N. Chounard of Oklahoma City responded. Chounard was instructed to go to the Motel 6 at 820 S. Meridian  Ave. in south Oklahoma City.

Chounard arrived at the motel around 7 p.m. and allegedly offered to pay $80 for oral sex from the female undercover police officer.

Chounard was then taken into custody and transported and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. Chounard's listed offenses at that time were identified as; offering to engage in prostitution and felony computer crimes (the use of a computer to access Backpage.com and respond to the ad).

Chounard's 2013 blue two-door Subaru was also impounded with a hold for Nuisance Abatement (which means Chounard is most likely going to have to fork over a lot more than $80 just to get his wheels back).

All of which is pretty standard stuff when it comes to online prostitution 'John' stings.

That is until you look over the police report a little closer...

Under the section where they list what evidence was seized and booked into the OCPD Property Room we found this list...

  1. CD (audio CD of Chounard's prostitution solicitation).
  2. US Currency in the amount of $80.
  3. Apple iPhone.
  4. Lillipop (pink) by Original Gourmet

Yeah, that fourth one stuck out a little to us too. What was Chounard doing bringing a large pink Original Gourmet lollipop to a prostitution rendezvous and exactly what did he plan to do with it? Whatever the answers to those questions are, it seems police felt it was necessary to tag it and bag it as evidence to be used against Chounard at a later date.

Also according to police records, Chounard, aka "The lollipop John" is employed at "Kevin Durrant Rastur" (sp) - we assume that is a reference to KD's in Bricktown - which actually went out of business in July and re-opened as Legacy Grill.

So, JohnTV took to Google to try and see what else we could learn about Chounard.

Seems Chounard also graduated this past Spring from the CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) as an Airman 1st Class, 552nd MXS.

Chounard listed his home address in the 15200 block of Stillwind Dr. in Oklahoma City.

Chounard previously resided in an apartment on Tinker Airforce Base.

As of this posting, no formal criminal charges have yet been filed (a CPC has been filed at this link).

No other criminal record for Chounard could be found.

Here's a little tip for ya Chounard - next time, you should probably just go with "Dum Dums"

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.