Man who served prison time in Oklahoma for manslaughter gets 12 years for sex trafficking

9/29/2016 - Fort Smith, AK -- A lifelong criminal who served prison time in Oklahoma for manslaughter was recently sentenced to prison for the sex trafficking of a runaway teen in Arkansas.

Randall Tyrell Steward, aka "Trouble," 31, was sentenced last Thursday in federal court to 12 1/2 years in prison for the sex trafficking of a minor.

According to court records, a juvenile female told investigators with the Fort Smith Police Department that she was a runaway in June of last year when she met Steward. After meeting Steward, the juvenile says she was forced to prostitute herself for his financial benefit. The girl says she was prostituted out of various motels in Fayetteville and Little Rock.

The juvenile told investigators that Steward advertised her for sale on

The juvenile said that another woman was also with them and that Steward said she was his wife. The woman was later identified as Leana Babineaux. 

Court records show that Babineaux was a 'straw purchaser' of an assault rifle that Steward had her buy at a pawn shop and then give to him.

Steward cannot legally own, possess or be in the presence of firearms because he was previously convicted in Oklahoma in 2007 of manslaughter and of manufacturing and selling cocaine in 2012 in Tennessee.

Steward only served two years for his manslaughter conviction.

The juvenile said that when she tried to leave Steward he threatened her with the rifle.

FBI agents were able to confirm the juvenile's story through motel, pawn shop and records.

Court records show that testimony from the juvenile has led to the convictions of at least three individuals for sex trafficking.

In 2011 Steward was arrested for hindering apprehension in regard to the arrest of a Memphis man who had been suspected of killing three people and a fetus.