Texas man and Oklahoma woman charged in pimping, prostitution and drug case in OKC.

9/20/2016 - OKC, OK -- A man from Texas has been charged with pimping and drug possession in the presence of a child. The alleged pimp's co-defendant is an Oklahoma woman who is charged with felony computer crimes and prostitution.

According to court records, back on Aug. 23 undercover officers, with the Oklahoma City Police Dept.'s Vice Unit, were contacting adult advertisements posted to Backpage.com that they suspected were fronts for prostitution.

Around 10pm, undercover officers called one of the telephone numbers listed in one of the adult ads. The woman who answered told the officer to come to her room at the Motel 6 located in Oklahoma City at 1307 SE 44 (SE 44/I-35).

When the undercover officer arrived, the woman agreed to perform oral sex in exchange for $160. The woman was then taken into custody.

The woman was identified as 23-year-old Tiffany Nicole Willett, reportedly of Arkoma, Oklahoma.

Tiffany Nicole Willett. Oklahoma County Jail 2016.

While interviewing Willett, it was learned that she was allegedly working for a pimp that was staying in a nearby room at the same motel and had rented the room she was working out of.

Willett allegedly told investigators that she was required to turn over all the money she made to her pimp.

Willet's alleged pimp was identified as Phillip Jay Curlett, 29 of Glenn Heights, Texas.

Phillip Jay Curlett as he appears in a public post on social media.

Curlett was located in room 127 with a two-month old child. Upon Curlett's arrest he was also found to be in possession of marijuana.

Willet and Curlett were both transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.

On Aug. 31 Willet and Curlett were formally criminally charged in Oklahoma County.

Willet was charged with felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.

Curlett was charged with pandering (pimping) and possession of CDS within the presence of a child under 12-years old.

No other criminal record could be located for Willett in Oklahoma.

Curlett was previously charged in Oklahoma County back in July with felony possession of meth and marijuana. That case is still ongoing.

On Sept. 6, Willett was released from custody 'without conditions.'

On Sept. 13, Curlett posted a mere $2,500 bond and was also released from custody.

Willett and Curlett are both set to next appear in court this Thursday for a scheduled preliminary hearing conference.