FBI's Operation Cross Country X; Approx. 2-dozen arrests in OKC. No 'Johns' targeted

10/17/2016 - OKC, OK -- It looks like the FBI's annual nationwide anti-prostitution and trafficking effort was held in Oklahoma City late last week and resulted in approximately 25 arrests. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any Johns were targeted in this effort.

Details are very few right now, but JohnTV has confirmed that the FBI did in fact conduct this year's Operation Cross Country in several cities across the country last week. This marks the 10th anniversary of this nationwide effort.

Locally, JohnTV is being told the FBI was assisted by members of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs human trafficking unit and the Oklahoma City Police Dept.

JohnTV also has confirmed that the FBI has planned a press conference for tomorrow in Oklahoma City - most likely to acknowledge the operation and reveal the results.

According to records maintained by the Oklahoma County Jail, 25 individuals were arrested late last week in Oklahoma City on prostitution related charges (see image above and names below). JohnTV cannot confirm that all of those arrests are related to Operation Cross Country.

Public records show that of the 25 people arrested; only one was arrested for human trafficking (a female), eight for aiding and abetting prostitution (6 males and 2 females), and 16 women were arrested offering themselves for prostitution.

If these preliminary records are accurate, it shows a disturbing trend in law enforcement. Not only were no 'Johns' targeted by this effort, but the majority of people facing any serious consequences are the very women that law enforcement publicly claims they see as victims and are trying to protect.

While most of the men were booked into jail on simple misdemeanor aiding and abetting - the women were booked in for misdemeanor prostitution and felony computer crimes.

One of the men arrested, and facing more serious charges, is 36-year-old Oklahoma City police Lieutenant Alexander 'Alex' Edwards (photo top left).

Edwards is accused of contacting a female prostitute via text message and warning her about the undercover sting.

Another notable arrest is that of Karen Sinisterra.

Sinisterra last made the news when she was busted in Stillwater in 2013 for two counts of robbery associated with her prostitution efforts. In fact, Sinisterra only recently got out of jail after that case was resolved in June of this year.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case and update this article after tomorrow's press conference by the FBI.

Identities of those arrested:

  1. Tatiana Rodriguez - human trafficking and computer crimes.
  2. Alexander Edwards - Aiding prostitution, conspiracy, obstruction and computer crimes.
  3. Kenneth Thompson - Aiding prostitution and criminal proceeds.
  4. Christopher Livingston - Aiding prostitution.
  5. Matthew Bellows - Aiding prostitution.
  6. Edward Moore - Aiding prostitution.
  7. Eugene Hyeche - Aiding prostitution.
  8. Lindsey Blevins - Aiding prostitution and computer crimes.
  9. Maritza Estrada - Aiding prostitution and computer crimes.
  10. Linda Parel - Prostitution.
  11. Chelsey Myers - Prostitution.
  12. Melanie Dismuke - Prostitution, computer crimes and proceeds.
  13. Erin Gallagher - Prostitution, paraphernalia, CDS.
  14. Kiana Mongi - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  15. Yashema Johnson - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  16. Karen Sinisterra - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  17. Kayci Simpson - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  18. Katie Jenkins - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  19. Aubrey French - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  20. Kristain Lumpkin - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  21. April King - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  22. Niquita Low - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  23. Tamara Hotze - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  24. Sarah Jones - Prostitution and computer crimes.
  25. Elizabeth Youngblood - Prostitution and computer crimes.