OKC Police Lieutenant Busted as a Result of "Operation Cross Country X" for aiding prostitution

10/17/2016 (updated 10/18/2016) - OKC, OK -- A Lieutenant with the Oklahoma City Police Department has been arrested as a result of the FBI's 10th annual "Operation Cross Country." The officer now faces criminal charges related to the aiding of prostitution.

Late last week members of the FBI were in Oklahoma City conducting their annual nationwide sting targeting pimps, human traffickers and prostitutes. *They used to also target the 'Johns', but for whatever reason didn't do that in OKC this year. Joining them locally in that effort were agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics' human trafficking unit (OBNDD) and members of the Oklahoma City Police Dept's Vice Unit.

According to a press release and press conference by the OCPD, Lt. Alexander 'Alex' Edwards was taken into custody Friday night on complaints of aiding prostitution, conspiracy, computer crimes and obstruction.

While additional details are few, this is what JohnTV has learned through our sources within the Oklahoma City Police Dept...

Last Thursday evening, an undercover agent with the OBNDD responded to this ad on Backpage.com (you can see the original version with video at this link)...

The undercover agent met with the woman depicted in the online ad at the La Quinta Inn & Suites along NW Expressway in Oklahoma City around 8:30 p.m.

The undercover agent then placed a "$220 service fee on the table" and the woman "agreed to provide [the officer] sexual intercourse in exchange for the cash."

The agent then identified himself and additional officers entered the room and took the woman into custody.

The woman was identified as 21-year old Kiana Jamari Mongi of Kelsey, California.

While agents were processing Mongi, they learned that Lt. Edwards had allegedly been sending her text messages and even alerted her to the fact that a sting was planned for that night. JohnTV has been told that Lt. Edwards identified himself as an Oklahoma City police officer, was soliciting prostitution related sexual contact, and even sent a photo of himself to Mongi.

Additionally, JohnTV has been told (unconfirmed) that agents wanted to conducted a sting on Lt. Edwards and catch him also soliciting prostitution but OCPD administrators intervened and said they wanted to handle this themselves.

In the meantime, Mongi was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on criminal complaints of misdemeanor prostitution and felony computer crimes. Mongi's bond was set at $2,500.

The next day, while Lt. Edwards was on duty, he was called into police headquarters and arrested. Lt. Edwards' bond was set at $50,000. Lt. Edwards posted bond that same day. Lt. Edwards was currently assigned to the Hefner Division and previously worked IMPACT and at the Springlake Division.

JohnTV is also told that at least one other female that was arrested as a result of Operation Cross Country also had been contacted by Lt. Edwards (unconfirmed).

Lt. Edwards is currently on administrative leave.

According to Mongi's publically available Facebook page, she appears to a be single mom and lists her home in Clearlake, California.

According to Lt. Edwards official Linkedin profile, he was born and raised in Midwest City, attended WestPoint for one year, and fought in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Lt. Edwards boasts that "[he] along with his father are the first father/son African-American supervisor legacy in the history of the Oklahoma City Police Department."

Lt. Edwards goes on to list the following... "Edwards is also the co- founder and CEO of A.S.A.P (Alternate Solutions to Adverse Problems) a mentoring program for At-risk youth. Furthermore, Mr. Edwards has served as Vice President of the PTA for the state of Oklahoma and as legislative chair for the State PTA. Mr. Edwards has also been bestowed the honor of “Pink Tie Guy” in his never ending fight against his archenemy Cancer. Recently Mr. Edwards was honored as 40 under 40 Young Achievers for the state of Oklahoma, an honor given for his non-profit and professional commitments. Mr. Edwards has a Bachelor degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s degree in Business and currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma."

Lt. Edwards is currently pictured on the National Women in Agriculture Association's board of directors webpage.

Lt. Edwards also lists himself as the CEO and founder of Broomworks Janitorial Services LLC since 2013.

No formal charges have been filed as of this posting against either Mongi or Edwards.

JohnTV will continue to follow this case.

OH, THEN THERE'S THIS... It should be noted that Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty's own step-daughter was caught allegedly committing an almost identical crime a few years ago but escape with no arrest, no prosecution and no media reporting.

Back when Chief Citty's step-daughter was attending a local private school, she was busted with a fake ID.

She apparently quickly ratted out her supplier - the child and spouse of a local millionaire doctor - who live in a mansion in the gated upscale community of Gaillardia, 

For whatever reason, Chief Citty apparently let it be known to his stepdaughter that detectives where in route to the Gaillardia mansion with a search warrant in hand.

While executing the search warrant, the detectives located a cell phone and found messages from Chief Citty's step-daughter alerting the family of the impending search and possible arrests.

To put it more clearly, Chief Citty's step-daughter appears to have committed conspiracy, computer crimes, obstruction and possession of a fake state ID. Not to mention willfully and recklessly putting the lives of arriving officers and the criminal case in jeopardy.

And, guess what happened to Chief Citty's step-daughter? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

But, that's equal, fair and impartial justice in Oklahoma County.

Oh, and Edwards... If you're reading this, be sure and have your lawyer try to use this if your case goes to trial. 

Personally, I really wish Chief Citty would sue me over these comments so that my evidence can go into the official court record FOREVER!