Convicted OKC child trafficker facing new sex trafficking charges.

9/27/2016 - OKC, OK -- Two women claim that a violent Oklahoma registered sex offender, with a history of selling children, recently forced them into prostituting for him.

According to court records, back in July, agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Human Trafficking Unit, were working undercover when they responded to an ad posted to Agents suspected the ad was a front for prostitution.

The undercover OBN agent met in a motel room with the two women who reportedly appeared in the online ad.

After a solicitation for prostitution was made, the two women were taken into custody.  The two women were then interviewed by agents and it was learned that they were not prostituting of their own free will.

The women identified career criminal and all around scum bag Milton Andre Shelton, 51, as their pimp.

Shelton is a registered sex offender who was convicted in 1996 for conspiracy to induce a child under 18 into prostitution, inducing a child into prostitution x2, transporting a child for prostitution x2, rape in the first degree, rape in the second degree x4, procuring a child to participate in sexual activity to be exhibited x3, conspiracy to induce a child for prostitution, pandering, possession of CDS, forcible oral sodomy x2, and intimidating a state's witness.

Shelton was found guilty by jury in May of 1996 and was sentenced to prison. 

Shelton was released from prison in April of 2013 (after only spending 17 years in prison for the horrific crimes listed above).

One of the women interviewed by OBN agents (we will call her Victim 1) said that she was from Tulsa and that she met Milton and that he told her he could take her to Oklahoma City to make a "bunch of money." Since the woman had previously been a prostitute she agreed.

When the two arrived in OKC she began prostituting out of an America's Best Value Inn.

Victim 1 stated that she was told what to charge 'Johns'; $50 for 10-minutes, $80 for 30-minutes, $200 for one-hour and $300 for fetish visits. Victim 1 claims that she was forced to give all of her money to Shelton.

Victim 1 told agents that when she tried to leave Shelton he threatened to beat her.

Victim 1 also said that Shelton had other girls also prostituting for him. One was identified as "Michelle" who was 9 months pregnant. Another was identified as "Dana."

Victim 1 said that after a few days they were moved to the Biltmore Hotel on S. Meridian Ave. in south Oklahoma City.

This is where Victim 1 says she met the woman OBN arrested her with (Victim 2).

Victim 2 reportedly tried to protect Victim 1 from Shelton - hiding her in her hotel room. But, Shelton tried to break the hotel door down until hotel security ran him off.

Victim 2 then called a man identified as "VP" to come help them.

VP came to the Biltmore Hotel, armed with a gun, and told Shelton that he owned the two girls now and that "according to 'pimp law' Shelton had to respect that and leave them alone."

Things didn't improve for Victims 1 and 2, however, and VP began forcing them to prostitute for him as payback for getting rid of Shelton.

Victim 2 told agents that she had began prostituting as a teenager "and now that's she's older, wished that someone would have saved her when she was younger." Victim 2 said that's what she was trying to do when she hid Victim 1.

On Aug. 5, Shelton was formally charged in Oklahoma County with felony human trafficking.

While Shelton is currently in custody on a $100,000 bond, he could be released after paying as little as $10,000 to a bondsman.

News reports claim that investigators are currently seeking "VP" for human sex trafficking charges also.

If you have additional information on Shelton or know "VP's" real identity, please contact JohnTV.