Sixth Anniversary of the Murder of Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz and her killer remains at large

10/27/2016 - OKC, OK -- Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of the death of Elizabeth 'Libby' Ann Hauptman-Diaz, whose body was found in a south Oklahoma City motel room after she was dispatched there by a member of a notorious local prostitution and human trafficking ring.

Libby, 33, the single mother of a toddler son, was found dead in a motel room near I-40 and S. Meridian Ave. on Oct. 27, 2010.

Libby, who used the street name 'April' (because her birthday is in April) was under the control of felon Oklahoma City pimp and human sex trafficker Germaine Coulter. Libby was often encountered by JohnTV as she engaged in street prostitution along S. Robinson Ave. in south Oklahoma City. Coulter's violent criminal organization also prostituted Libby and others through escort ads placed in the phone book and online.

Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz as photographed by JohnTV on S. Robinson Ave.

The details around Libby's death are few, but here is what JohnTV has been able to piece together...

The last time Libby was heard from was on Oc. 17, 2010. Libby was contacted via cell phone by Oklahoma City resident and mother Christina Byler (aka, 'Thai' or 'Thai Baby'). Byler was the 'bottom bitch' at the time for the Coulter prostitution and human trafficking ring. Byler, acting as an escort dispatcher (aka, pimp), told Libby to go to the Regency motel to meet a prostitution customer. The Regency motel has since been demolished, but was located at 4712 W. I-40 Service Rd.

Prior to going on the call to the Regency motel, Libby, who talked to her mother daily on the phone, had called her mother in Texas. Libby's mother, who was aware of her daughter's involvement in the Coulter crime ring, was fearful for her daughter's safety, but also feared loosing all contact with her daughter if she intervened. Libby's mother was also raising Libby's toddler son.

When Libby's mother never heard back from Libby she began making inquiries. Libby's mother learned that Libby's property had been found in the motel she had been staying in on S. Meridian Ave. but had never returned to. Libby's mother also learned that Libby's vehicle had been found unlocked in the Regency motel parking lot and that several of Libby's belongings were still inside.

Libby's mother also learned that another prostitute JohnTV has reported on, Elizabeth 'Beth' Andrade, took $185 from Libby's found purse, claiming it was hers.

Libby Diaz (far right) along with three other members of the Coulter trafficking ring.

Libby's mother became frantic and called Oklahoma City police and spoke to a member of the Vice Unit and Det. Upshaw with missing persons.

When it became apparent that Det. Upshaw was not concerned by Libby's whereabouts and the suspicious nature of how her belongings were found, Libby's mother and father (divorced) contacted JohnTV via our Facebook page and immediately drove to Oklahoma City.

Libby's body was discovered in room #258 around 9 p.m. on Oct. 27, 2010 at the Regency motel. Libby's body was found by a female staff member that was checking the status of rooms to be rented out in the coming days.

According to the staff member, the room contained two queen size beds and Libby's body was found face down, fully clothed and on the furthest bed closest to the bathroom.

The staff member did not recall seeing any personal belongings or drug paraphernalia in the room. The room had not been disturbed and the bed was still made.

The staff member noted that the room was in a part of the motel that had not been rented out in several months. The staff member said the room was locked and required either a room key or master key to gain entry.

The staff member said she recalled that what first drew her attention to the room was the fact the curtains were closed (vacant rooms are to have their curtains open) and the air conditioning was on full blast.

A couple of days previously, On Oct. 23, a staff member with the Regency motel called police because there was a man walking around the Regency banging on doors and yelling for "April" (Libby's street name). This man was later identified as an older gentleman Libby had recently met who had paid for her to attend detox and had loaned Libby his truck the night she disappeared.

Members of the Regency motel staff contacted JohnTV to share their suspicions that possibly the general manager at the time - a man they simply referred to as 'Niko' - may somehow be involved. All the employees would share is that Niko had a habit of trading rooms for things and suspected he had done so in the past in exchange for sex or drugs.

From the beginning the Oklahoma City police department appeared to be disinterested and even dismissive in regard to Libby's death because she was working as a prostitute.

10/28/2010 - KOKH Fox25 News report soon after Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz's body was found.

Police told the media that Libby's body was found in "an abandoned motel room" and that there were no signs of foul play and that Libby died of a self-injected overdose. This, despite the fact she was dispatched to the area by a known violent trafficking ring, was found in a vacant (not abandoned) locked motel room and the curtains were drawn and AC turned on to throw off investigators.

Libby's case was officially closed by the Oklahoma City police department on April 5, 2011 after the toxicology report was complete.

Libby, a former member of the armed forces, was laid to rest at Fort Sill.

So, what does JohnTV think happened to Libby Diaz? 

The only thing we know for certain is that Libby's death is not as reported by the Oklahoma City police department.

Being involved in prostitution (either by force or by choice) is extremely dangerous, and Libby knew this all too well.

In Jan. of 2010 Libby, along with two other women prostituted by Coulter, Elizabeth Andrade and Megan Mullins, were sent on a prostitution call to a home in Warr Acres. 

Their customer, Justin Thomas Loy, 30, became enraged over their $500 fee and began attacking all three women with an axe.

The women were only saved when Loy's male roommate became aware of what was happening and called police.

All three women had to receive medical care at Deaconess hospital. 

Loy was later charged with three felony counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count of kidnapping.

On Dec. 3, 2010 (barely a month after Libby died) Loy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30-years suspended with the first 14 years to be served in prison.

On the plea paperwork Loy wrote...

On 9 January 2010 in Oklahoma County I hit Megan Mullins, Elizabeth Diaz, and Elizabeth Andrade in the head with a hatchet with the intent to kill them. I have a previous felony conviction.
— Oklahoma County court records excerpt.

Not only are prostitution customers deadly, but so are the pimps and traffickers that profit from the prostitution of the women who work for them.

Below is an excerpt from an Oklahoma County court record referencing unspeakable violence that was perpetrated by Germaine Coulter upon Libby Diaz.

The name redacted in this report is Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz's....

From an Oklahoma City police report. Redacted name is Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz.

Personally, JohnTV is of the opinion that either Coulter had Libby murdered because she was trying to leave his organization and he feared she would testify against him, she was murdered by someone else, or, she accidentally overdosed in the presence of someone else who did not render aid and is complicit in her death. Regardless, JohnTV also feels that the general manager at the time was somehow involved in Libby death and provided access to the room where her body was found.

If you have any information on the the death of Elizabeth 'Libby' Diaz, please contact JohnTV.