Two teen girls from Tulsa plead guilty to prostitution; Questionable arrest has them stripping for arresting officer

Latisha C. Perkins, 19.

9/26/2016 - Tulsa, OK -- Two teen girls from Tulsa pleaded guilty to engaging in prostitution earlier this year. Details of their arrest show that the teens were allowed to completely undress and begin engaging in intimate contact with each other in the presence of the arresting officer.

According to court records, back in January, Tulsa police responded to a suspected prostitution ad posted to offering up to girls for 'companionship.' The undercover officer was instructed to meet the two girls at America's Best Value Inn at 1016 N. Garnett (room #238).

When the undercover officer arrived, the young women negotiated a fee of “340 roses” (dollars) in exchange for two specific sexual acts.

As is often the case when a sting involves younger more attractive girls – the undercover male officer didn’t bother to identify himself immediately after the cash for sex deal was made. Instead, deputized deviant, officer Christopher Moudy apparently decided he’d hang around for a teenage sex show as evident in his own written statement…

I was let into the room and [a teenage girl] along with her partner negotiated a price for not one but two sexual acts. Both the subjects stripped to their underwear and began to kiss. [One of the teens] removed her bra. I notified them that I was a police officer at that time.” — Tulsa PD Christopher Moudy

*Amazing how that never happens when the arrest involves homeless, older, less attractive, drug addict prostitutes.

Regardless, the (now most likely fully erect and probably only partially clothed) undercover officer identified himself and placed the girls under arrest.

Latisha Perkins as posted publicly to social media less than a month after her arrest.

The teens were identified as 19-year-old Latisha Cheyenne Perkins, of Tulsa, and 18-year-old Cheyenne Dawn Lynch, of Sapulpa.

Both teens were booked into the Tulsa County Jail on complaints of felony prostitution and felony computer crimes.

On Feb. 01, the duo was officially charged in Tulsa County with felony engaging in prostitution within 1,000′ of a church.

 Perkins and Lynch were released from jail after posting $2,500 in bail each.

In April the case came to a conclusion after Lynch pleaded 'no contest' and Perkins pleaded 'guilty.'

Because Lynch has no prior criminal record, her charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. Lynch was given a one-year deferred sentence, ordered to pay court costs and fines and to attend 'Women's Defense Team.' If Lynch successfully completes her probation then she will not have a criminal record and can eventually have this whole matter expunged.

Unfortunately, because of Perkins' past criminal record, her case did not end so leniently. 

Perkins was forced to plead guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison (officially giving her a DOC record) - on the upside, Perkins' prison sentence was suspended and she will avoid actually being locked up if she stays out of trouble (which isn't very likely). Perkins also has to pay fines and court fees. 

Latisha Perkins as posted publicly to social media.

In 2014, Perkins (along with a male teen) were criminally charged with burglary, resisting and obstruction after they were caught stealing televisions and a game console from a woman’s apartment. Perkins was given probation – while her co-defendant had to take a conviction. Perkins was still on DOC probation when she was most recently arrested for prostitution.

In Mar. of last year, Perkins was charged with felony prostitution within 1,000′ of a school/church. In Oct. Perkins pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor prostitution charge in that case and was given a one-year suspended sentence – a probation she was still on when she was most recently arrested.

Apparently there is a running theme in the Tulsa police department when arresting teen prostitutes – make sure you get to see them naked before arresting them – as noted in deviant officer Darin Howse’s report…

…She instructed me to put the money on the night stand. She agreed to perform a sex act. She disrobed, attempted to open a condom and was arrested without incident. — Tulsa PD Darin Howse

Perkins was charged in Aug. of 2015 with felony possession of a stolen vehicle and larceny of merchandise from a retailer. In Oct. Perkins was convicted of the reduced crime of misdemeanor joyriding and larceny. Perkins was again given probation and time served.

Just three days after Perkins’ conviction on the above stolen vehicle (joyriding) case, she was arrested and charged once again for the very same crime with another female co-defendant. This case, as reported by local news outlets, resulted in a crash and foot pursuit. That case is still ongoing in the courts.

On Jan. 10 of this year, Perkins (and a male co-defendant) were arrested at their motel after police officers on foot patrol witnessed them smoking marijuana in their room. Criminal charges were filed against both defendants on Jan. 28.

JohnTV will continue to monitor this case.